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Is it time to ditch the ‘plus’ in Plus Size?

Lifestyle February 18, 2019

Hello my beauties.

As i sit an write this , i cant help but stare and the copious amount of clothing I’ve been buying recently. With the recent developments in sizing, styles and stores, the Plus size market has become more profound than ever- right now, I am in total awe at how amazing the ‘plus’ size clothing is in the UK has become. For years the ‘Plus’ size clothing stores have been ill flattering, and lack all sense of fashion. With brands such as ASOS, River Island and even New Look have finally allowed the curvy amongst us to find affordable, fashionable clothing the ‘Plus’ size clothing market has never been as advanced.

Now, pals, i am by no means saying that there isn’t any room for improvement in the Plus Size industry. Seriously i can list the issues my 16-18 chunky bod has when fighting the losing battle trying to find something ‘nice’ in store. Yet, the growth the industry has had shows a complete shift in a much better direction. Empire lines, flowing material and more accesability show a much better understanding of a curvier woman’s need. I just can’t help but ask, with the growth in the industry i am left wondering isn’t it time to ditch the ‘Plus Size’ term altogether?

Image taken by Rebecca Walker

Image taken by Rebecca Walker

Outfit details.

Jumper: TU at Sainsbury’s.

Skirt: Primark.

Belt: Primark

Shoes: Raid via ASOS

Same clothing, same price.

Many stores now offer a plus size range, an has since started making the same pieces through out all their clothing. By this i mean much of the clothing in the plus size ranges is exactly the same (just sized higher) than much of the regular sized clothing. So, why am i walking up a flight of stairs to find a piece of clothing that i have seen 4 times down stairs?

As a rule, i don’t understand much within this segment of the clothing industry. Why should my reasonably sized boobs and Kardashian’s rival bottom mean I don’t fit into the Norm of clothing? Surely it would be better to make customers feel equal no matter the size of their behind ? Many stores argue that the fabric, patterns and even marketing equate to higher prices and being segregated from the rest of the other clothing items. Yet, with the fashion industry being one of the leading industries i highly doubt merging all areas of the clothing within a store will hardly knock the overall growth of the industry.

We’re not all made the same.

Understanding body shapes must rival the Pythagoras theorem. Every woman, is shaped differently regardless of your weight, Height and even style. As a woman who is constantly battling her weight, why should my clothing make me feel any less than ‘comfortable’?

Now, i understand that with a copious amount of body shapes, stores are fighting a losing battle. Some items will never look great on a pear shape whilst others items are just too short for a six foot frame.Yet, isn’t it better for people to have a level of trust in their favourite clothing brand rather than share the feeling of ‘ i can’t believe i have to go their again’. Taking plus size out of the equation for one moment, isn’t it worth creating a space where everyone has value?

Image taken by Rebecca Walker

Image taken by Rebecca Walker

A Trigger?

Now, i am fully aware that some suffering with eating disorders may find this triggering. Walking to a separate area, in which you can shop with in comfort is important. However, many of the plus sized clothing collections are placed in obvious spaces. Women have to walk through area which see stick thin Mannequins, small items of clothing all of which only amplify insecurites. If stores don’t want this collection to be triggering isn’t it time to group all collections together and let all shoppers be equal. And if not, move the curve items to a much more discreet area of the store.

The future?

The future of the clothing industry will hopefully hold so much more growth within the ‘Plus’ sized category and for me, that is dropping the notion of plus sized all together. On a daily basis we are told that our size shouldn’t define who we are, so why are we allowing clothing stores to tell us any different? Walking through a store filled with smaller sized items, means that many like myself are forced to see what we could be. In a world of fad diets, motivational quotes and fakery, i am ready to stand up and say my size does not define who i am. Nor should it define how i feel in stores i spend my hard earn money in.

I can’t be the only person in the world which hates the term ‘Plus Size’. The size of my hips shouldn’t restrict the clothing i have access too. With the constant demand for affordable, fashionable clothing, when will the High Street learn that all customers are just as important as one and other. The size and shape of your body has no correlation to you or your sense of style. Kardashian bums, mum tums and massive lady lumps shouldn’t be a restriction, it should be something we have and can parade in a gorgeous leopard print shirt.

So tell me, what do you think? Is it time all customers were treated equally, or do you have an entirely different opinion. Please let me know in the comments below.

Em x

Disclaimer : I paid for these clothes with my own money and have never worked with either

Three tips for finding relaxation in the festive season.

Lifestyle, Ramble all the way... December 12, 2018

In a mist of shoppers regret, over prices train fares and Christmas parties, it’s safe to say the season of good will, can leave you feeling pretty low. Some days your left with no energy and a headache which will only be cured by drinking your body weight in mulled wine. The festive season may be fun for some but for others it can only bring a crisis of confidence.

As an anxiety sufferer Christmas often leaves me feeling a little hopeless. Jumping from one task to the next, on a constant conveyer belt of ‘ festive joy’ that leaves me feeling numb. In previous years, Christmas has left me feeling panicked and my confidence in tatters. The introduction of the three tips I am about to share with you has turned the festive season into something I look forward too(rather than despise). I hope some of the tips I share within this post will help you find relaxation within the festive season

Create a relaxing space.

I for one can vouch that working in a space filled to the rafters, will only cause more stress and mental strain. Finding some where in the world which doesn’t feel so overwhelming can be tough- many don’t even seem to find calm in their own home. Having a room, a chair or even a corner where you can just be, is something that will allow your mind to settle.

When you do find somewhere to yourself it is important that you create a space in which you feel comfortable in. Blankets, books, candles are all great but if they don’t bring you (and only you) comfort then they become a bit redundant. If gaming or even playing the spoons calms your nerves then its important your space should reflect it. For me writing is calming, creating a blog post and adding to a novel I’m currently dreaming up settles my anxiety- so creating a relaxing space for me revolves around that.

Take your time.

At times the festive season can give F1 a run for its money. People in general seem to be hurrying through the day. Things that probably could wait a little while have to be done right that second, others demand constant attention without a mere ‘Thank you’. Christmas and the festivities that come with the it are hectic- there’s no other way of putting it.

In the midst of everyone else’s whirlwind, it is sometimes easy to forget that it is perfectly acceptable to take things at your own pace. For the season of goodwill, there seems to be a lot of panic and carnage in it wake.

Three questions should be asked when things around you seem to be going at a 100 miles an hour:

  • Does it have to be done right now?-If it does need to be ticked off the to do list imminently then deal with it straight away. Prioritising tasks is difficult but it will help you deal with christmas effectively and on your own terms.
  • Can it be completed online?-For people who feel uneasy within a crowded enviroment. Sometimes the effects of being in a confined space can last for days. If buying a gift or booking an appointment can be done online, surely it would be much more beneficial to do so.
  • And is it worth it?-If a lynx gift set is really that important to Aunt Jean, then she may need to re-evaluate her lifestyle. Ask yourself this question when everything festive (or not) leaves you feeling drained, unappreciated and pissed off. Is this gift/experience worth leaving you in feeling low? No, it isn’t.

Taking your time is not selfish, having a moment when you need to is necessary when it comes to surviving the Christmas carnage. Allowing yourself to go at your own pace is an effective way to ensure that all your tasks are done without hindering your mental health, confidence and Christmas experience.

Spend time with people who love you.

As cliche as this sounds spending time with people who love you is an instant method of relaxation. A cuddle from your partner, a cup of tea from a grand parent or even a snuggle from a beloved pet have all be scientifically proven to relax. In the spirit of christmas, we often forget how important spending time with loved ones is. We never know what is happening in some one else’s head, so spending time with people who make our hearts happy may not only benefit you.

Mental health, low confidence and feeling generally exhausted are all things which shouldn’t effect christmas- yet they do. With 1 in 4 people in the UK dealing with depression, Christmas can often lead to unnecessary stress. Finding your own ways to block out other peoples issues is difficult, but ultimately necessary for surviving the christmas period.

Whether you are a Grinch or a Christmas lover this time of year is difficult for everyone. If the tips I have shared with you have helped in any way then please let my know in the comments below. Alternatively feel free to share your own tips for surving christmas.

Always love,

Em x

A lil’ update.

Lifestyle, Uncategorized September 13, 2018

If you hadn’t noticed emrambles has been severely neglected over the past three months. And honestly, I don’t have any other reason than I’ve been severely unhappy with my life.

In the past few weeks I’ve had more fall outs, tears and questions about my sanity than Jeremy Kyle has DNA tests. The level of uncertainty I have in my life has made me horrible to be around. Feeling uncertain makes me anxious, and when I’m anxious I crumble- I just can’t cope.

After a few doctors appointments( and sobs) I’ve finally got the wheels in motion to make me feel better. To concentrate on what I want in life and move closer to the stability I have always dreamed off.

You all know I love Hello October’s motivational Monday’s, a few weeks ago she shared a quote which resonated with me.

The only person going to give you the stability you crave, is you.

So from now on, that is what I intend to do.

Thank you for sticking with me! A new post will be up on Sunday!

Always love,

Em x

What blogging means to me.

Lifestyle, Uncategorized August 5, 2018

Blogging, right now, is completely the love of my life. I love spilling out my ideas into words, even if noone reads them. My little blog, is just that. Mine.

Over the past year I have grown a little in confidence. Blogging has completely attributed to that. After finally being able to home in on the content that I want to create, I finally was able to start accepting my flaws and laugh the embarrassment of yet another fuck up away.

Truth be told I probably have an unhealthy attachment to the blogosphere. From dispising trolls and championing bloggers when they succeed. Blogging brought me out of my shell and allowed me to figure out ,somewhat ,who I wanted to be.

I will be forever grateful for that.

Having a voice.

For years I never felt my opinion mattered; I didn’t think I did. Being able to express that on my blog, to find others felt the same shocked me to my core.

The more I wrote, the more I found my opinion mattered. For months I didn’t understand that people were actively responding to the words I was using. I found a voice, that people didn’t seem to hate. And in time I started to listen to my own views more and more.

Bad dates, lack of confidence, my hatred of the way I look- I have pretty much shared my insecurities with every reader. The more I wrote the more I accepted the things that had happened to me, the shit I’ve done and laugh at the down right questionable experiences.

I found that I may just be somewhat relatable to others. And sharing my weird experiences, views and innuendos, might just make others feel less of a fuck up.

Relatable vs Luxury ?

With so many bloggers in the bloggersphere, everyone has blogs which relate to them. For me, personally, blogging is relatable. Even inspiring luxury blogs still home some sort of relatable aspects for most. Take Lydia Elise Millen, for example. Sure, she buys handbags I can only dream off, travels to places I may never see in my life time, but she is relatable. Her openness about mental health, feeling inadequate in not only her life but in the blogosphere and of course, her love of Zoflora.

No matter the genre, blogging is relatable to almost every person alive.

There’s so many bloggers.

According to Aquora.com, that in 2013 there was 152 million bloggers in the world. A figure which has grown rapidly since.

I have to admit even I was shocked at that figure- although not surprised. Of course there are a heck of a lot of bloggers out there, but that isn’t a bad thing. There is so much choice out there for readers. Genuine content, amazingly beautiful images and likeable bloggers thrive in the blogosphere.

The amount of bloggers for me personally, shown the amount of people that needed some where to find their voice. To share their loves, excitement and hopes for the future. As cheesey at the cheese counter at Sainsbury’s, blogging has allowed so many creators to find a voice, confidence and friends- it makes my heart burst with pride.

And me?

I love being relatable. Blogging for me has been something that I can be 100% honest with. The embarrassment of walking into doors, honesty about my life and even really dodgy fake tans- I hope my take makes others feel better about their misgivings.

Blogging is relatable to the reader- it’s that simple. A blog post may not be relevant to you at that time, but in six months, a year or even 5, it just may be.

Right now, I talk a lot about my point of view in life. And honestly that isn’t going to change. For me, product reviews can be saved for bloggers such as Debra Bow, travel for I’m just a girl and luxury Lydia Millen.

Being laugh out loud, relatable is me. And my blog should represent that. In such a (hate the word vomit I’m going to spill) saturated industry, you are you’re own selling point and if others don’t like it, then there’s plenty of other people that will.

Blogging is amazing. It’s that simple. I don’t intend in dropping it from my life or changing the content I create.

I am so happy I found blogging. It allows me to share my dorky stories, embrace the chaos and champion the new chapters in my life. Thank you for the people who continue to support me

Always love,

Em x

24 Hours in Leeds…

Lifestyle, Uncategorized May 20, 2018


Hey guys!

Recently I went on a little trip away with my mum. And I can tell you that it was very much needed(still is if I am 100% truthful). I think I can safely say that both mum and I enjoyed every minute. There were many giggles, lots bought and many G&T’s drank- maybe the last bit was only my experience.

Leeds will always have a special place in my heart- it was the first city I ever really fell in love with. The museum, to cocktails, the shops, there’s just something I love. So when we booked this 24hour get away I couldn’t wait to show my mum all the places I loved.

Opting for the train, (due to the fact I like a gin and its only a half an hour journey) we left the station at 8.27am and set of for a much needed night away.

The Hotel

A quick 10 minute walk from the station, Crowne Plaza, is brilliant. On outside looks, it does look like an office block, but as you walk through the turnstile doors it is really beautiful. With marble floorings, a grand stair case and a hipster bar, the hotel does hold something for most.

The wonderful hotel was made even better by the staff. They simply couldn’t do enough for us. We initially went to the hotel leave our bags and then run off to spend the next few hours shopping until our feet couldn’t walk any more. But the lovely lady(unfortunately I didn’t get her name) found us a room and we could check in early! She was so informative and welcoming it was the perfect start!

Opting for a twin room we initially thought the room would be quite small- which we were completely fine with. We were completely wrong. The rooms were spacious and the ‘twin’ beds were pretty much doubles! Hello star fish. The room was clean, warm and for a business hotel, are I say it, quite cheque. The grey interior made the room feel so cosy. There wasn’t much of a view but honestly what do you expect from a city hotel?

The bath room is pretty bog standard, a porcelain toilet, small bath and a massive sink. What I wasn’t counting on way the epic lighting and huge mirror! Its safe to say this hotel made both mum and I feel amazing, I will definitely go back!



After falling in love with the hotels, we decided it was best to venture out. So of course, we made our way to the Trinity shopping Centre. After deciding to start at the top ‘ and work our way around’- such a mum saying, we started went into a few stores before settling down for a coffee. I should note at this point we’d done some damage in Primark and I was starting to swear after every foot step- damn my what were once ‘comfy heels’.

After refueling we decided it might be time for lunch, so we headed to our go to place, giraffe. Both mum and I love the menu, there’s something for each of our tastes. Pide for mum and a burger for me all washed down with an Aperol Spritz, which surprisingly my mother who is notorious for hating all things prosecco. LOVED.

The rest of the afternoon resulted in a few Porn Star Martini at the Prince Albert, because I’m all about that 241 life. And a massive sweet/crisps/ carbs raid of M&S. Don’t we know how to live.

After a quick nap and a good amount of rummaging around the room- doesn’t everyone do that? We decided to venture down for a drink in the hotel bar. I do have to note that the drinks prices (even for a city) were high, my poor mother nearly had a heart attack at the price tag. Nonetheless, it was such a lovely way to spend the evening.

And what did we do after ? In true rambles style we went upstairs and ate our body weight in Colin the Caterpillars and fell into a carb coma.

And I have to note: that I had one of the best night’s sleep, ever that night.


Due to the fact we didn’t have to check out until 12, we had a little lie in. At around 9 (yes that’s a lie in for us early birds) we took a sleepy walk to the hotel restaurant and the buffet breakfast. We then discussed how much we loved the hotel and even gave a nod to coming back. After finishing up with our fry ups (who needs fruit and vitamins at a buffet breakfast anyway), we ventured back up the room to pack and put together a plan of action.

Deciding the 10 am was an acceptable time for a G&T, we strolled along with our bags in tow to the Slug and Lettice. This chain constantly surprises me. Sometimes the bar is horrifically busy and the staff are so rude it completely puts me off. Yet, at times like this where the staff were happily pootling along, I love it.

I will just put it out there that The Slug has had a bit of a Insta face lift. So if you can check out this branch, then I’d definitely recommend, even if it’s just for the beautiful millennial pink booths!

After a few drinks and the Trinity finally opening we went back to Primark and did some Damage. A couple of pairs of shoes, new pajamas and whatever else we could get our excited little hands on later we (I) decided we needed some carbs.IMG_4769

Crepe Affiliare it was! And it didn’t disappoint. Choosing a Nutella Pancake with Strawberries with and accompanying Nutella milkshake(Nutella is life) was the best way to finish of the weekend and honestly I don’t think I would have had it another way.

I’m really sorry for the lengthy AF blog post, but I just wanted to share with you my stay. I had such a wonderful, relaxing time I didn’t want to forget it. I often tend to buzz through life and don’t tend to sit and realize how important nights with your closest’ s truly is. It’s safe to say if you made it to the end of this post without a snooze somewhere in the middle you did well.

Hi five!

Always love!

Em x


Accepting Flaws and Moving on…

Lifestyle, Uncategorized March 6, 2018

IMG_4368 (1)

Over the past few months I have stripped back my life, friendships and even goals have been totally turned around. Doing this I have found myself not only feeling better about myself but I have finally found my feet. As cliché as it sounds, I finally know that I am where I am, because I have earned the right to be here.

Even though I know where I am and the direction I want to go in, I feel cant help but feel like I could so easily revert. Finding yourself at a crossroads in your life is confusing, you could so easily make the wrong decision and find yourself back at square one. Feeling like a failure comes far to easy for myself, but I’d rather fail than never know.

Accepting that sometimes you’re your own worst enemy.

I’ve spoken in the past about pressure and the negative effect it has on our lives. Yet, knowing this and accepting this strange concept is two exceptionally different things. Knowing you constantly berate yourself over the tiniest insignificant details of your life is something, if we are all honest with ourselves, we are aware of but won’t change. In a world where ‘change’ is needed, why on earth is it so hard to except the things we know need to change to benefit our lives?

Its simple, we are pretending.

IMG_4366 (1)

We’re pretending that even if we accepted everything we needed to move on our lives would be exactly the same. BUT, they wouldn’t. The thought of change is scary- its scares me to my very core to be honest. Change isn’t derogatory, its necessary. Do you really want to be the same person as that teenager that thought concealer lips and dream matte mouse was a ‘banging combination’. No, of course you don’t.

Being you’re own worst enemy is soul destroying, it changes your mind set, your world and your ability to live the life you only dream off. And that’s starts with you, accepting that being uneccaserily hard on yourself will not win wars, it won’t make your day dreams come true- it will prevent them.

You are worth so much more than that bewildered feeling, you carry with you. Stop it, leave it move on.

Realising you’re worth much more than you were settling for.

Believe it or not this point is not about relationships. Its about settling in your life. Shitty jobs, poor self esteem, down right awful health- we don’t need to accept this. You are settling. We often dream of having a better life, but never seem to put ourselves forward and actually start the process of bettering it.

Settling, is damaging. Once you start to settle for something, your self esteem goes so far down the toilet its swimming in the Pacific. You are so much more than what you are accepting, if we only get one chance why the hell are we rolling over and settling in life.

Learning to laugh at yourself.

We all f*ck up. There is no rhyme or reason. We all have clumsy tendencies, I know I for one am fully aware that if there is a glass door in my presence, I will not only walk into it but leave my foundation print on it so I can never be forgotten.

Laughing(even fake laughter) creates endorphins which will intern make you happier. Faking a laugh at a cliché colleague or even letting a slight giggle out over a drunken text to an ex, will help you. And if we are being honest, if you take the shame away, drunk texting actually pretty funny- in the morning when sober, at least.

Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, even the most resting of bitch faces could do with cracking sometimes. Laughing is good for the soul, taking yourself too seriously creates unnecessary pressure. And seriously, who needs more of that?

Moving on.

Moving on in life is difficult. A task that is simply more daunting than we could ever imagine, its essentially like were breaking up with the negative effects in our lives. Is it time to block your insecurities,  to throw out all the negative impacts off your life or even just to tell the world to fuck off when you’re hammered. Its all perfectly fine.IMG_4365 (1)

When you pick up broken the pieces in life, they never seem to fit together. Because they don’t. You are not the same – you’ve learnt and are starting to live differently. And huns, sometimes you do revert but the funny thing is, you can stop and start again. No one worth their salt will judge you and if they do, quite frankly, they are nothing.

Its so easy to focus on the shit end of the scale when it comes to life, but when was the last time you actively sort to change something? Yes, change is most definitely a scary prospect, and you will constantly wonder if you should have started in the first place.

Simply, YES. You never know unless you step away from the things that are holding you back. Whether that be relationships, work, insecurities or even social media. Whatever it is, it is more than okay to step away for a little while. Even a few days away to collect your thoughts will create time to change your view on things. Never, let the pressure make you feel worthless, because you are not. You’re a boss.


ALWAYS, love.

Em x


What I bought and received for my 25th.

Lifestyle, Uncategorized December 14, 2017



I know I have been rabbiting on about my bloody 25th for what seems like an eternity. Well, 3 days. BUT this year has really been amazing for me and I have been so fortunate to share it with the people that have really made it special.

Before I get into this post, I don’t want this post to come across as ‘braggy’. I have been so fortunate with the gifts I have received and the people which have sent their love and well wishes. Many of you will know, that I have had my struggles this year, so this little positive weekend away really has made me realise all the good that’s in my life.

Whilst we were in one of my favourite cities in the world, I decided to treat myself to a few things I have been eyeing up. And I am not disappointed.

The new additions really have given my wardrobe (and spirits*Cough*Gin*cough*) a little bit of a lift, so I am so excited to share them with you.

From Me, to Me.

Primark Marie Hoodie, £10.

I have been eyeing up this cropped hoodie for a little while now. After watching Emily Canham’s, trip away with Primark to DISNEY, in fact. The aristercats is probably hands down one of my favourite Disney films. So when I saw this cute little cropped hoodie, I had to have it.

After scoping out the store I was thrilled when I finally got my hands on it! I am only 5’4, so this cropped hoodie actually hangs lower than anticipated. Sitting just above the top of my jeans in perfect for me and my style. Although tshirt should really be worn with it in these -2 temperatures, we are currently having. Bringing me nicely onto the lining. The fluffy, snuggly lining that makes me instantly want to fall asleep and have done with my day. YES, it is that warm and toastie.

And cute cause obvs Marie is the sassiest, little cat you ever did see!

Next Pearl Roll Neck Jumper, £35

Like the Marie Hoodie, I have been debating buying this roll neck jumper for a little while now. I don’t really know what stopped me. On this particular day I decided to finally take the plunge and treat myself to it. And I have no regrets.

The soft wool (which was initially itchy), really does keep me warm. The cute pearl detailing works so well with the subtle grey colouring really is encompases the feeling of winter. In addition the boxy cut, it would work perfectly with a faux leather skirt or jeans.

At £35 it is a little much for a jumper but I honestly don’t think its too bad when you realise I am going to live in it for the rest of winter.

Masons, Steve’s Apple Gin, £40.

Would it be one of my blogs if I didn’t mention something alcoholic?

Masons is one of my favourite gin distilleries. I was so excited to see their stall at The Christmas market I basically threw my money at the poor girl serving me!

Also, this gin tastes absolutely amazing. YES, TO APPLE GIN!

Kisses (essentially marshmellow covered in Chocolate), £5.

CHOCOLATE COVERED MARSH MELLOWS, HELLO YOU BABE. These babies were deifinatley worth the calories! And for a £1 each I would be stupid not to buy 5, right?

From friends.


Slythers, did good.

My best friend has well and truly spoiled me this year. In fact I can’t quite believe it. In addition to sorting the room out (thanks babes), she bought me something I definitely thought I would never own. A David Attenborough candle.

When I say I love David Attenborough, I mean I ADORE THE MAN! Seriously, I have a problem. When I was presented with this particular gift, I  with out any doubt say I laughed for hours (and still do for hours).

This utter babe, didn’t just stop at a candle either, she treated to a Rock and Rose Emoji Ring too. This sassy little emoji, is most definitely one of my most over used emoji’s and probably, something I need to look at when I need my sassy pants on.

Sarah, you wonderful human. You really did make my birthday, even if you are a slytherin.

The blogging babes.

I do have a few blogging girls which I speak too quite regularly, so when I went to vist one and saw the gifts our little group chat had bought, it took all my strength not to burst into tears. The gifts below were so unexpected and I can’t thank you all enough.

A stunning bunch of flower’s, two beautiful copper wine glasses and a few cheeky bottles of wine. All displayed in a mound of bubble gum pink wrapping.  Its safe to say these girls know me far to well! Thank you!

I just wanted to say another quick thank you, to everyone I has made my 25th celebrations amazing. I don’t think I can quite put into words how amazing it has been- which is a bit of a shame cause I’m a blogger.

Cheers, you babes! xxx

PS. I am sorry for not tagging gifts or the people that gave me them, this doesn’t mean I am not grateful, by any means.