Blogtober Day 3: What I Learnt This Summer

As I’m curled up watching an old episode of GBBO, I can’t help but think of the lessons I’ve learnt this summer. The summer of 2017 has been filled of goals, achievements and the occasional panic attack. For the most part this summer has taught me that no matter what happens, things will always getContinue reading “Blogtober Day 3: What I Learnt This Summer”

Blogtober Day 1: A Little life update!

Hello lovelies. IT’S BLOGTOBER, I hope your ready, for a lot of rambling coming your way! 31 days of it you lucky devils! I’m excited, hope you are too! Now, let’s get  into a little life update! Just thought I’d give you a little update on, well, me! I have no doubt nothing at allContinue reading “Blogtober Day 1: A Little life update!”

Learning to Love Yourself After A break up.

I can honestly say, I gave everything I could to my last relationship. I’m not going to go into too much detail but I can proudly say that. In the weeks after we split I found that I had more strength than I ever thought possible. Although, the way I found out meant my heart break forContinue reading “Learning to Love Yourself After A break up.”