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Time to be your own Valentine?

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Valentines, Galentines, 50% chocolate specials whatever you associate with the season of love, its here. In amongst the new couples, chocolate binges and sobbing singles, Valentine’s Day can be something that takes its toll on so many. Whether you’re a loved up babe or a sassy single, Valentine’s Day should be a day we celebrate our longest relationship; the one we have with ourselves. In the words of Ru Paul, ‘ If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else’.

I challenge you this Valentine’s Day to celebrate yourself, the challenges you’ve face and the next steps of your life. Realising that you and you alone are solely responsible for all the things you have achieved and will continue to achieve. So grab a nice bottle of plonk, run a bath and leave the world at the door step. If a bubble bath isn’t for you, then its perfectly okay to rewrite the terms of your own valentines night.

Take time.

Okay, before i rant on about turning the world off i am. Fully aware that for many stepping away from the world on a week night probably isn’t an option. Parents, care givers and even people who have to work more than one job don’t get the option of having a night of. Yet their is one option you do have.

Taking your time- once the day is over with, is a luxury. Leaving deadlines at the doors, plodding along with your to do lists, without haste is rewarding. Having the ability to complete tasks without any rush allows you to relax and feel accomplished. Take your time isn’t always a bad thing, remember the tortoise and the hare?

Embrace who you are.

Everyone is different, therefore everyone’s way of relaxing is completely different. Listing to metal, watching the entirety of the Marvel universe and or even sitting in silence. Embracing your favourite things and running with them, is ultimately the most important thing in the season of love. If not, what’s the point? Go on, grab another chocolate and watch another episode of friends, make your soul happy.

Likewise embracing your love life is necessary to surging this sickening loved up month. Unlike, so many on social media, you don’t have to be in a relationship to have a great Valentine’s Day. Amongst the ‘Boys done good’, sea of pandora rings, and new relationships which will be lucky if they last the month, embracing your own relationship status really is important- especially in February.

I am sure at one time or another we have all be shamed for being single, or have been told that the partner we have in our lives just isn’t the one for us. Yet, in the long run, all that matters is that you are happy- the options of sheep shouldn’t rule you life. Embrace what you have even if others don’t agree.

Stop- even if its just for an evening.

As a generation, us millennial love to be busy. We love to complain about the overtime we’ve accrued or the latest amount of responsibility that we have had shoved on our desk. A friend once said, ‘I’m just too busy to take care of myself’, a sad honest truth we are all guilty of saying. Well, isn’t it time we all just stopped and cared for ourselves for just one night. Whether its deleting twitter for a night, or inviting the girls round to dance to all of Atomic Kittens Greatest hits. Taking one night away from the busy life we have, isn’t going to effect anything. Stepping away from distractions is the best way to care for yourself, and isn’t that the best way to be your own valentine?

Treat yourself.

If you are anything like me, then spending time and money on yourself seems to fall by the wayside. Work, bills, social interactions all take president to the pamper we all deserve, The term pamper is personal, for some its having a bubble bath, for others its the full shebang, face masks and all. For me, its a fresh set of gels, a new piercing and an hair cut.

Finding your own way of treating yourself, isn’t selfish. There will always be something you should be doing, or even a task that you could have finished to a higher standard. These trivial aspects of our lives ultimately stop many of us stop treating ourselves, and for what? Absolutely beggar all.

Whether you have a valentine or not this year, treat yourself how you would love them to treat you. Bubble bath, foot rub, a good bottle of wine- sounds amazing to me. Having one night away from the responsibilities which play on your mind not only allows you to rest, but allows for you to focus on the task when you pick it up again.

Remember Valentine’s Day is merely 24 hours, you have the rest of your life to find who you are, embrace it.

Happy V-Day.

Em x

Happy Birthday, Mum.

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On the date this blog post goes live it will be my mum’s birthday. I know many of you don’t know the relationship with my mum. So I thought I would introduce you to my amazing mum.

To celebrate the many years of awful presents, Mediocre gestures and the many forgotten cards, I thought I’d share with you just five things that my mum has taught me over the past 26 years. You see, my mum is pretty much one of my hero’s, as much as we argue, take the piss and annoy the crap out of each other. In a nutshell I know that no matter the situations life puts me in, I can cope because of the lessons she’s taught me.

So, mum, if you ever find your way onto this blog I simply wanted to say thank you for:

The definition of strenght.

I’ve made no secret on my blog that i have struggled with anxiety since me teens. What I may or may not have shared with you is my mum suffers with something similar. Throughout the years I have seen my mum battle with her mental health for years. Something that when I finally was diagnosed, I knew how to cope.

You see whilst my mum may sometimes feel like it,she has never given up. She gets up, goes to work, sees family and have a better social life than I ever have. Her mental health has its moments when things seem to go a little off yet, no matter the situation she has never given up on anything she has started. My mum is truly the strongest woman I know.

Mental health is difficult for anyone, sometimes our life has to stop to be able to start again down the line. Yet, for all intesive purposes my mum never has. If she was totally honest with her self, just for a moment she would find that no matter her struggle she has accomplished so much more than her self doubts would ever let her believe. Mental health issues or not, my mum will always be my hero.

It’s perfectly acceptable to say no.

One major difference between my mum and is how we show our affection for one and other. I, on one hand show love through hugs, and openly saying I love you. Yet, my mother is much more subtle in the way she shows her affection.

Offering her love through coffees and the occasional ‘are you okay?’. In her own way she reassures me through life’s problems, and whilst we often butt heads its our differences that makes the pair of us (I hope) realise that once I eventually own my own home, how much we will miss our caffeine filled arguments.

Any way my point with this is that, hugs, saying I love you and even the occasional pats on the back, sometimes make people feel uncomfortable- my mum for one. Each individual has there own comforts, for me that’s a hug at the end of the day, for my mum its running her a bath or making a brew she will ultimately not drink. In any case saying not to someone offering affection isn’t a weakness, its how someone else deals with their problems, when they and only they are ready they will come and let you know when you are needed.

It’s perfectly acceptable to laugh at your own jokes.

Whilst my mum and I may show our affection differently we both think we are hilarious. A sea of dirty jokes, jugedgments and sarcasm will ripen any sour day. This point may be little, and may be silly to some but this is my favourite characteristic of my mum. Her ability to laugh in any situation- even if it is some what inappropriate.

Mum, I love you to bits, keep making your dirty jokes, innuendos and I hope you continue to cackle through the next 365 days and more.

Don’t give up on people even if they give up on themselves.

Okay, now here’s this thing about my mum, whilst she may not be touchy feely, she has never given up on me, or for any one in her life for that matter. In the past I have made many mistakes, some I still regret to this day, but she has always taught me that the mistakes we make only shape the person we become. It doesn’t matter who you were 3 years ago it matters who you are right now.

So mum, here’s a little cheers to you, you have taught me so much more than this little list. We often argue, share chocolate and eye rolls, bu what I love about our realtionship the most is that no matter the time, place or even time of the month weve always got each other’s backs.

Simply put, the pair of us have been through a shit tone of stuff and there is plenty more to come. Whilst the world around us is constantly changing, my pure admiration for you will and has never differed.



P.S. Pornstar martinis to follow shortly.

Three 2018 realisations.

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This year has been the year of,like, realising stuff- Kylie Jenner.

2018, has been a year I needed. An eye opening realisation, that the only thing holding my life back was me. And believe me it’s something I’ve rectified.

Over the years I’ve always thought I had to be some one else- that showing the real me would leave me lonely and insecure. Whilst at times I still feel those things in abundance, accepting who I am has only made me happier. With being happier my somewhat dull personality shines through, all the dorky, sarcastic and slightly flirty characteristics that once made my skin crawl sends me into hysterics. In short, 2018 is the year I finally accepted the person who I am and dropped my persona.

I’ve lost people along the way.

Towards the end of 2018, I backed away from a lot of friendships. Some I massively regret, others I’m not in the slightest bit bothered about. Losing the friends I have over the past 9 months has made me realise that friendships aren’t a two way street. Often one has feels the need to be there far more than the other. It’s unfair, but severely honest.I have always kept my friendship group small, I’m just not a ‘friends with everyone and their dogs, instantly’ kind of girl. And that’s perfectly okay.

In friendships I look for comfort. Comfort in the knowledge, that if I didn’t speak to a friend for months, if I needed them- they’d be there. Friends which bring sarcasm, prosecco and chic flicks after a break up( or just a Sunday). Being comfortable in any relationship is a big deal, and focusing on friendships which bring me nothing but comfort and sarcasm, are my best kinds of friendships.

Being selfish.

I’ve been pretty selfish over the past twelve months. And I am completely not ashamed to admit it. I’ve previously spoken about my anxiety and the struggles I have with confidence, being selfish was and still is needed.

I’ve slowly learnt to put myself first, to make my goals and happiness a priority. Waving goodbye to negative impacts, people and clothing(we’ve all got that sneaky dress hanging in our wardrobes that we will never fit back into). Over the past 9 months I feel better not only in my own skin but in the person who I am.

I may not be as confident as I would hope to be, but steps are being taken to unleash my inner Miranda priestly whilst of course embracing my Miranda heart qualities.

Accepting being alone.

For the longest time I’ve wanted to be with someone. I’d love to come home to a cuddle after an awful day at work, but unfortunately life had other plans for me. And as I write this post I Am so great fun it’s worked out that way.

Right now, I have some amazing changes coming, things that wouldn’t be a alive toe if I wear to be coupled up. As a rule I feel so empowered to continue to create a life that I want, that I deserve. I will never be the shell of a girl I once was and it wasn’t until I writing this post I realised, that no man ‘saved me’. I did, well, me, the girls and copious amount of gin.

In the next week I will be sharing some of the amazing news I’ve received recently. I can’t wait to share what is coming- 2019 is going to be the year of an empowered Em- and it’s about bloody time!


Em x

What blogging means to me.

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Blogging, right now, is completely the love of my life. I love spilling out my ideas into words, even if noone reads them. My little blog, is just that. Mine.

Over the past year I have grown a little in confidence. Blogging has completely attributed to that. After finally being able to home in on the content that I want to create, I finally was able to start accepting my flaws and laugh the embarrassment of yet another fuck up away.

Truth be told I probably have an unhealthy attachment to the blogosphere. From dispising trolls and championing bloggers when they succeed. Blogging brought me out of my shell and allowed me to figure out ,somewhat ,who I wanted to be.

I will be forever grateful for that.

Having a voice.

For years I never felt my opinion mattered; I didn’t think I did. Being able to express that on my blog, to find others felt the same shocked me to my core.

The more I wrote, the more I found my opinion mattered. For months I didn’t understand that people were actively responding to the words I was using. I found a voice, that people didn’t seem to hate. And in time I started to listen to my own views more and more.

Bad dates, lack of confidence, my hatred of the way I look- I have pretty much shared my insecurities with every reader. The more I wrote the more I accepted the things that had happened to me, the shit I’ve done and laugh at the down right questionable experiences.

I found that I may just be somewhat relatable to others. And sharing my weird experiences, views and innuendos, might just make others feel less of a fuck up.

Relatable vs Luxury ?

With so many bloggers in the bloggersphere, everyone has blogs which relate to them. For me, personally, blogging is relatable. Even inspiring luxury blogs still home some sort of relatable aspects for most. Take Lydia Elise Millen, for example. Sure, she buys handbags I can only dream off, travels to places I may never see in my life time, but she is relatable. Her openness about mental health, feeling inadequate in not only her life but in the blogosphere and of course, her love of Zoflora.

No matter the genre, blogging is relatable to almost every person alive.

There’s so many bloggers.

According to Aquora.com, that in 2013 there was 152 million bloggers in the world. A figure which has grown rapidly since.

I have to admit even I was shocked at that figure- although not surprised. Of course there are a heck of a lot of bloggers out there, but that isn’t a bad thing. There is so much choice out there for readers. Genuine content, amazingly beautiful images and likeable bloggers thrive in the blogosphere.

The amount of bloggers for me personally, shown the amount of people that needed some where to find their voice. To share their loves, excitement and hopes for the future. As cheesey at the cheese counter at Sainsbury’s, blogging has allowed so many creators to find a voice, confidence and friends- it makes my heart burst with pride.

And me?

I love being relatable. Blogging for me has been something that I can be 100% honest with. The embarrassment of walking into doors, honesty about my life and even really dodgy fake tans- I hope my take makes others feel better about their misgivings.

Blogging is relatable to the reader- it’s that simple. A blog post may not be relevant to you at that time, but in six months, a year or even 5, it just may be.

Right now, I talk a lot about my point of view in life. And honestly that isn’t going to change. For me, product reviews can be saved for bloggers such as Debra Bow, travel for I’m just a girl and luxury Lydia Millen.

Being laugh out loud, relatable is me. And my blog should represent that. In such a (hate the word vomit I’m going to spill) saturated industry, you are you’re own selling point and if others don’t like it, then there’s plenty of other people that will.

Blogging is amazing. It’s that simple. I don’t intend in dropping it from my life or changing the content I create.

I am so happy I found blogging. It allows me to share my dorky stories, embrace the chaos and champion the new chapters in my life. Thank you for the people who continue to support me

Always love,

Em x

Giving Myself a Fresh Set of Goals, Finding Balance & Sticking Up for Myself.

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E9E9A89C-12E4-4C15-83B9-5353A6326805.jpegI’ve been meaning to write a post such as this for a little while, but nothing really spoke to me when I actually started to write.  In 2018 I have realized that I don’t need to be what everyone expects nor do I need to listen to my inhibitions. Blogging has been amazing for my confidence, openly speaking to like-minded people who have dealt with similar issues has made me feel like I can cope.

I suppose in a round about way this is some sort of life update without the title. Over the next few weeks I really want to put the wheels in motion and finally allow myself to become what I have always wanted to be (cliché- vom in mouth moment).

Fresh set.

Recently my motivations for all things- well, life has been questionable to say the least. Often it seems all too easy to stay in the comfort of my bedroom rather than push myself to do something I am dreaming off. For years I have been somewhat dependent on others. From my best friend continuously forcing me to find some sort of self-belief to the bank of mum and dad when things get a little dry. I have relied on others and possibly still do to a certain extent but things are changing.

Now don’t get me wrong, my self-belief is somewhat questionable and I still don’t manage my money as effectively as I should- but I am getting better. Over the past few months I have really thought about what I wanted to be, simply put 2018 is the year I find my independence.

To lay all my cards out on the table (hello dirty laundry), in the past I thought I needed people, and I don’t(nor does anyone else). I want people to be in my life because they want to be not because I need them to be. Unless there is a frog lounging on my bed in the early hours*, I want to be independent.

And so far, so good.  Other than a few whiny text’s and a cry for help with a christening outfit, I can say that I have been standing on my own two feet rather than leaning on someone else.

*for those of you that are new here I am pathologically afraid of frogs.*

Balancing it out.

I am shit at the work/blog/social life balance. In fact I can’t remember when I have gone a week without double booking something or mixing the dates up which shouldn’t be forgotten (looking at you MOT). However, in recent weeks I have let the rains slack a little and allowed myself to just go with the fuck ups flow and have some sort of life outside of work.

This has had such a profound effect on my life, I am happier, I am more organized and I am sleeping so much better than I have been in months. No, I don’t have the best life but I am finally finding a way that I can manage my week and not have to say no to much.

Having my own back.

I didn’t really know whether or not to put this point in, but hey ho, here it is. Recently I have been put in a position which I had no control over but it most definitely effected my life. After one too many bad days at work and a few cups of coffee, I decided to stand up for myself.

Now, I am not saying I will ever do this again but those complaints were listened too and the errors have been rectified. I definitely don’t want to go into too much detail but I am so happy to finally say, I stuck up for myself. Hi five to me!

As much as I understand this post is somewhat tiresome, I really wanted to write this to let you know what goes on in my day to day. Iits all to easy to feel like your failing, when you really are creating a future you can believe in.

Cutting myself some slack has been monumental in my life. Call it a mid life crisis, from one happy 25 year old.

Always Love.

Em xx


Our tree.

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Hello you festive bunch!

I am so excited for an 11 day (which I actually thought was 12) break from work- it is without a doubt my favourite Christmas present of the year. Sorry rents, its true.

Christmas is an odd one when your single and in your mid twenties(fuck), your not excited for presents but your buzzing at the anticipation of eating you’re body weight in pig in blankets! Or at least I am anyway. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer has been replaced by an emotional break down the new ‘Call the Midwife -Christmas Special’ accompanied by your dad snoozing in the arm chair. Even though the excitement has changed, does that mean Christmas has lost its ‘most wonderful time of the year’ jargon?

The Rambles Household isn’t a traditional one. We don’t have little ones to gift too, we don’t have a large family and, in fact, for many years we didn’t really celebrate it as a together. Both my parents- and I after the age of 18– have worked for as long as I can remember at Christmas times. Once I became an adult we woke early, gave gifts and then whoever worked totted off . I know my family isn’t the only one who celebrates the time of year like us. I for one, firmly believe that out little ‘non-traditional’ family Christmas is slowly becoming a ‘traditional’ one.IMG_3850

After years of frustration, Mama Rambles put her foot down. She finally wanted our weird little trio (and dog) to have a tradition and this tradition is now having a real Christmas tree. To some this may be nothing but to us, this was the first step and only tradition we have, so it was mostly welcomed with open arms.

According to my parents the last time we had a real tree I was 4. 4! So when my dad came bumbling through the door, with a 6ft beast, I was pretty excited (and gin filled). After initially trying to figure out where the heck we were going to put this huge tree, we attempted to straighten it and allow it to drop a little.

Whilst the branches were dropping we tried to find the Christmas decorations, only to find we had an explosion of baubles in our attic. Seriously, it looks like an elf threw up, up there. After 15 minutes my dad managed to gather as many of the loose baubles as possible- with little success.

All the baubles we own have been bought at local garden centres through out the years. One of my particular favourites is this little dear which we bought a few years back at a family outing to  Wentworth Garden Centre. Many of the baubles, we own have a meaning or a story behind them, many of the stories make my heart want to burst. One of my favourite pass times is talking about the days we bought specific ornaments.


Another favourite of mine is this cute pink beauty which my mum bought this year on a trip out with my dad. I can’t help but remember how excited she became when she displayed it so lovingly on this glorious tree.

I don’t know if you can tell but there isn’t a theme in the slightest when it comes to our tree. We gave our old, pink and silver theme up years ago after one of my mums’ beautiful, yet failed’ attempts to decorate the tree (she changes it at least three times before Christmas).

Anyway, Christmas for us isn’t an ‘exciting’ time, although we do all enjoy the run up to Christmas and the few days we get off in-between. Introducing this little tradition into our family has made Christmas a little more special than it has been in years. Hopefully the magic will continue, but if not at least I have gin.

Always love,

Em x

Blogtober Day 6: FRIDAY FAVE – No 2.

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FullSizeRender (57)

Oh hello, Friday Favourites.

Did you think I had forgotten about you? No, I have written two and mysteriously lost them. Anyway, before I bore you into oblivion, here are my not so exciting favourites.


I have always loved Halloween. Well no, that’s a lie. I have loved Halloween since I was a walking mess, otherwise known as my life whilst at university. Anyway, there really is something magical (excuse the pun) about Halloween. Misty evenings, rubbish children’s costumes and woolly jumpers on cute little pups- I will never understand why people don’t like it.

In recent years, my life has calmed down. Yet, my love of Halloween, has grown- I just approach it differently. And the new approach involves, my bed, hocus pocus and wine. You know, I’m living my best life.

Caramelized Pecan Latte

Guys, I may be alienated from the blogging community but I HATE Pumpkin Spice Lattes. So when Starbucks brought out this baby as an alternative, you can bet your big toe I rushed to buy one. And it’s beautiful, I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Blister Plasters

At the Bloggers Blog awards, I wore the most ridiculous shoes. As the day wore on and the shoes I wore started to make me feel like my feet were imploding, and on the train ride home I swapped to my 90p spotty flip flops. Although, that wasn’t enough to stop me from getting the mother off all blisters meaning that blister plasters are currently a gift from god right now. No one can ever say anything different.

Love Me Not by M J Arlidge

If you have read my Goals for autumn post, you will know I really want to read more. So after a mosey around my local Sainsbury’s I found this little gem! Love Me Not is about a serial killer and the chase to catch him. I promise not to give any spoilers but it’s definitely worth a read!

Diet Coke

Do I really need to say more? Diet Coke has saved my mood many a morning, evening or sleepless night. Can it be my new boyf?

Healthy Eating

Despite the coffee and diet coke I really have been trying to eat better. Meal planning is such pain but really does help! My dad and I are introducing healthy lunches and evening meals to our week. Even though I may sometimes fall of the wagon, I can already feel a huge difference.


I love October, mainly because it’s starting to get cold. I love occasionally reaching for my blanket scarf, but only having to wear a jacket because after mid-day you could melt it’s so warm. I love the fact the leaves are turning to a beautiful rusty orange. AND I LOVE THAT WE CAN NOW PUT THE HEATING ON WITHOUT ANY GUILT! October I blinkin’ well love you!

And there you have it, my not so exciting Friday Favourites. What have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments!