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Top 5 Clarins Products.

Lifestyle July 13, 2019

Hey babes,

Sorry I missed last weeks upload but this post seemed to take me a lot longer than I thought it would to write. If you have been around over the past few weeks you will know that a few skin issues have made me completely change my beauty routine ( if you can call it that). After ditching the entirety of my make up bag, I’ve been slowly adding skin friendly products to my day to day face.

Clarins, has been such an amazing brand to find when my skin needed a lot of help. In the past 4 months an obsession with Clarins has developed and I think I’ve grown quite the pricey collection. Of course, I am sure that there’s much cheaper alternatives out there but since I’ve started using Clarins my skin has smoothed out and changed completely.

Any way, I digress, with my much needed switch up in beauty products I thought I’d write up my five favourite Clarins products.

SOS primer

I’ve never really been a primer lover, they never seem to work with my dry-oily skin. With my recent skin issues I decided it was time to give primers one last chance- and I’m so happy I did. Unlike, some other primers I’ve used,the SOS primer, is light enough that it doesn’t leave any clumpy residue and doesn’t slide off your face at the slightest bit of sweat. Perfect for oily girls like me!

The texture itself is pretty light and easy to apply. With a shimmer running through the product it would be easy to assume that it could feel gritty when applying, but you’d be wrong. Clarins SOS Primer, is smooth and velvety, in comparison to L’Oreals Lumi Magique primer, the SOS primer leaves your skin looking smooth, and dewy.

Clarins Bronzing Compact

By nature I’m pretty pale, in fact, there’s no pretty, I’m paler than milk. Bronzer is something I use daily to stop me looking like a boiled egg. Applying this bronzer n my temples, cheeks and below my chin, just seems to make me look so much healthier.

I’ve always been drawn to Clarins bronzers, purely because they are simply beautiful. Each summer Clarins releases limited addition bronzers and there packaging is simply beautiful. However, it’s not just the packaging that’s beautiful, this light bronzer gives you the summer bronze. Clarins Bronzing Compact, is s buildable, but doesn’t leave you looking like a tangerine. With hints of litter through out the compact, it just adds something to your skin. The compact uses a combination of a bronzer, a pink powder(which can be used as a blush) and a highlighter (which gives a stunning subtle highlight) allows a slight bit of dimension to your face.

Re-Charge Sleep Mask

In the past I’ve spoken about my skin, specifically the reaction I’ve suffered recently, so I’ve had my eye on this mask for a while. Being made from Shea butter, the sleep mask nourishes dry skin whilst diminishing any additional oils. What I love about this sleep mask is that you can use it as a mask or a night cream.

Applying a thick layer to the skin before bed, and rubbing into the skin until it’s tacky, allows to hydrate the skin when its in dyer need. Alternatively, use a pea size amount and rub into skin, to wake up to fresh, nourished skin.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed

After using 2 very impressive ‘travel’ sized facial washes, i fully intend n buying the full size.

This foaming face wash applies so easy to the skin, attaching it self to grit, make up and other skin nasties, with minimal effort. Facial wash the rinses away with a few hand fulls of water and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Skin Illusion Foundation

This foundation is a game changer for girls with redness. The light foundation creates a luminous base, with coverage. My daily go to is Estée Lauders Day Day Wear, and in comparison the over all feel is quite similar. Both products are super light weight, and illuminating, so if you use Estée Lauder Day wear, and want a medium coverage foundation for days when your skin needs a little more help, Clarins, Skin Illusion foundation is for you.

Clarins as a brand has been amazing whilst I’ve been combating my skin issues. Whilst my excema was taking over my face, the introduction of a few Clarins products helped smoothed my skin and ultimately became integral in not only my skin care routine but my make up one too. Obviously, Clarins is on the pricier side of beauty, but for my skin, it’s worth every penny, for the first time in a over a year I am so comfortable going make up free.

My bank my hate me, but my skin is glowing.


A Clarins convert.

*disclaimer- this is not an add. I have never worked with Clarins. The links throughout are not affiliate link, I earn nothing from sharing my love of this brand.*

Cruelty Free Advent Calendar: Thoughts so far.

Lifestyle, Uncategorized December 2, 2017


Recently I have really been looking into a cruelty free life style. So, when my parents surprised me on December 1st with a cruelty free advent calendar, I couldn’t be happier. This beautiful W 7 advent calendar is filled with some beautiful lipsticks, stunning glitters and even a dupe for Rimmel’s wonderfully real Mascara.

I have only used one w 7 product in the past, and for the price I was pretty happy with the product. The ‘In Buff Eye’ shadow pallet was home to about 6 nude shades to create a stunning simple look. Even though the product itself gave a really nice look in the end, there was a lot of fall out and it was quite difficult to blend.

Saying that, I am so excited to try more products from the brand and hopefully will have a complete review of the advent calendar at the end of the month.

What it contains

I am so excited to share with you the contents of the advent calendar. With so many products its s a perfect introduction to the brand or make up in general. Inside the very festive box you will find:

5 x Nail varnish’s

3 x Glitters

4 x Lip Gloss’s

8 x Lipsticks (ranging from nude to a stunning vampy red)           

1 x Foundation

1 x Concealer

1 x Mascara.

I am slightly dubious about some of these products but I am so excited to have a good play around with some new products I wouldn’t necessarily reach for or even know about.


What I love so far.

I absolutely love the packaging of the product, it is so festive yet unique to the brand. The cardboard packaging itself is pretty sturdy and robust. So far the door are so easy to open and they don’t seem to tare once opened. The only issue I have with the packaging is the back ground is metallic, which shows finger prints really easily. I am aware that this is a personal preference and wouldn’t irritate most. However, I find it really annoying and slightly distracting.

I also love that it does have a range of products to fully show the wide variety of products. Never the less, I do feel the advent calendar slightly emphasises the lip products which W 7 sell.

The main issue I have with the calendar.

The only thing I hate about this calendar, is that it offers a foundation rather than a voucher for one of W 7 foundation’s. Every one has varying different skin tones, which means that the brand is limiting their ability to full show their products to new audiences. With the recent introduction of Fenty beauty, all cosmetic brands now have even more pressure to provide their products to new audiences and diversify their shade ranfe. With W 7 not allowing themselves to embrace the need of potential new customers, the brand is limiting themselves. Offering a voucher would be perfect as it would allow for the user to find a product which suits their needs and preferences.

I am naturally fair skin so foundation often tends to leave my skin looking quite orange. The image of the supplied foundation, on the packaging (as I am opening the doors one day at a time) looks similar to that of a tangerine. And I am slightly disappointed.

Hopefully throughout December other products found in the calendar will change my thoughts on the brand.

Thoughts so far.

So far I really like this advent calendar, I do however have my reservations. Saying that, I am so excited to continue to be introduced to new and innovative product from W 7. And I can’t wait to keep you updated if I find any must haves from such an amazingly affordable cruelty free brand.

And there you have it, my thoughts on day 2 of this affordable advent calendar. A full review will be coming at the end of the month.

All the best.