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Merry Christmas!

It’s December and that means only one thing! Blogmas or at least my own version of Blogmas. This year I wanted to write my own version of Blogmas, one that gives you lovely readers enough content but also allows me to not work constantly for the next 31 days.

I love Christmas and would love to enjoy both the festive season and blogging. Blogmas puts so much pressure on those of us who love the festive season. As some one who’s blogged for years I feel like I can safely say by the end of Blogmas most bloggers never want to hear the word Blogmas for at least another 11 months.

SO, in the hopes of saving my own sanity I have wrote myself a set of rules which will hopefully allow me to contribute to Blogmas in my own way.

1, Content doesn’t have to be festive.

Throughout the next month some of my content isn’t festive, infact its so removed from Christmas its unreal- and that’s perfectly okay. Christmas puts pressure on everyone and sometimes us mere mortals need to have a minute without a mince pie or festive joy.

The festive season is a difficult one, so having a break from festivities is a must for not only me but for others too.

2, Monday to Friday, only.

Over the past few years I have realised that I am in no way organised to contribute daily to Blogmas. As much as I adore writing I simply run out of inspiration come December 27th. Most poeple read content at weekend so uploading 7 post in a week can be excessive and some readers may miss a great post you’ve worked your arse off on.

Choosing to limit my Blogmas content came with a very heavy heart, if I’m totally honest I feel like I have let my self down a little, but for the sake of my mental health I have come to realise working full time and blogging daily is just too much for me right now.


As a rule blogmas runs form the 1st December to the 31st – that is a lot of content. I applaud any one who attempts to do this but for me personally, I don’t think its a viable option. With that being said, this is my blogmas, on my blog so i felt that it was about time i rewrote the rules.

I hope you understand and are ready for a few exciting introductions (including my monthly bar review to name one). Are you ready?

I don’t think I am,

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Being my own security.

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When I think about the last few years, I don’t think of anything other than feeling anxious. This feeling doesn’t just cover losing my grandparents, or suffering with panic attacks, it was something dealt with daily. If I’m entirely honest I don’t know what life’s like without this feeling.Feeling anxious has been with me on every life change, I have ever attempted and been there if I ever gave up, too. It’s only been recently that I’ve realised that this feeling in my chest can be used to spur me on rather than hold me back.

Anxious not anxiety.

Before I continue to write this post I just wanted to clarify this post is discussing the feeling of being ‘anxious’ not anxiety. Anxiety is a form of mental illness that we have no ability to control, it slowly takes over your life until you don’t know who you are. I can speak from personal experience that anxiety doesn’t play fair. Being ‘Anxious’, is the feeling in your tummy when you are about to do something out of your comfort zone. Once the task is over the feeling sub-dudes, with anxiety that is certainly not the case. For more information on anxiety please see the Mind website.

The original dream…

When I was a young un’, I thought my life was planned out for me. I thought I’d be happy- I had my plan, so I was good to go and start my adult life,right? If I’m honest, I held on my to my plan until I reached my early twenties, then when it became brutally apparent that my plan needed to be rethought, I struggled to let it go.

  • I’d go to uni and graduate with a first. Okay, i did go to uni and I did graduate but not with a first. I got a 2:1 through a lot of work, tears and trips to the spar for cherry coke. I look back at that time in my life and honestly, I was a complete mess. I didn’t know who I was or who I wanted to be, if I am entirely honest I don’t know if university was worth it.
  • Find my dream job in a high end fashion house. Safe to say this didn’t even remotely happen. And I’m glad, I don’t think I would be happy or ,as much as it pains me to say , fit in at a fashion house. To this day I still adore fashion, I love seeing reworked trends, pieces being influenced by great artists but would I want to work in such a demanding environment? Probably not.
  • Be married and own my own home by 25- Excuse me whilst I fall on the floor laughing.*And BREATH*.
  • Evidentially my younger self didn’t understand work, or saving or how much living costs. Scrapping this plan is so bloody nerve wracking but the changes I am making(and even already started) are very much needed.
  • Ma new plan.

  • It may not come as a surprise to some of you that the majority of this plan revolves around security. My life has always been chaotic, I’ve never really known what feeling secure at home is. Over the next few months I am so excited to finally see the changes I want to make start and hopefully in the not too distant future, actually be completed.
  • ‘The only person who is going to give you security and the life you want is you’ -Hello October (Suzie Bonaldi), Motivational Monday’s, instagram.

  • Here goes…
    • Save, save, save. Right now I’m skint, my savings have all but disappeared and honestly I’m not quite sure I’ll make it to pay day without a number of break downs. I hate this feeling of uncertainty when it comes to money. Knowing I can comfortably pay my bills if I lost my job really does mean a lot to me. So, saving is a huge must for me
      I want to own my own homealone. I doubt everything I do, so feeling secure in my own home, which I saved for and bought on my own, is a huge deal for me. Even the goal itself came as a huge realisation. I don’t want to continue to live at home relying on my parents and paying the bare minimum. It’s time for your girl to find her own way in life.
      Continue to believe in myself. Since i had a glimmer of hope (starting my new job), I have started to believe in myself. A statement I never thought possible. I’d love to push myself further and feel better about how I live from day to day. I’d love to shut the doubting voice inside my head up once and for all, but if not I’d just like to turn the volume down a little.
      Be happy. I really do just want to be happy. Obviously there will be times in everyone’s lives where being happy 24/7 isn’t possible. And that’s okay. I would love to find happiness in most days, even just for a few moments. Moments such as the first coffee in the morning, giggles with the girls or even just a snuggle from my pooch.

    What security means to me.

    Security- a thing deposited or pledged as a guarantee of the fulfilment of an undertaking or the repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in case of default.- Oxford dictionary.

    Security means completely different things to different people. Personally, security means to be able to stand on my own two feet, to work for the things I want in life and not apologise for them. To be comfortable in my own skin and to know I don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. Essentially, I want to be able to live my life without the feeling of anxiousness limit the things I do and want to do in the future.

    From now on.

    The next steps have kind of been prepped to within an inch of excels life. I’ve started a savings spreadsheets, budgeted for the month and really homed in on the things I need and the things I don’t. In terms of confidence, I have pushed myself to speak to new people and say yes to more experiences. Here’s, to being my own security, I can’t wait to share the next few months with you. Read More

    New job,New blog & Body Image.

    Lifestyle July 3, 2018

    Aye up, you fit bunch.June, where have you gone!It’s safe to say this little bloggers been on a bit of a mission recently. A mission to maybe get her sh*t together and do some of the things I say I will but never get around too. This month has seen me go self hosted, get a new job and kind of find an okay relationship with my body.By nature I hate summer, I’m much more of a winter baby. Yet summer 2018, is the season I finish my wine and get sh*t done. I and so so happy with the changes I’ve been making recently and I thought I would update you on a few of them.PST. Maybe get a brew, there’s a lot to catch up on.

    New job.

    Yesssss, ya girls got a new job! Now I don’t like talking about work on my blog. What I will say is that this job has given me an opportunity to get out of a position I hated. My last role left me quite lonely and my mental health started declining. So my new job was so welcome and I’m already feeling better about myself.

    New blog? Kinda.

    For the last year I’ve been debating going self hosted. Theres been a few reasons as to why I haven’t but the main one I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I’m not as eloquent as bloggers out there. I’m never going to look like Lydia Millen or be able to create a funny af yet oh so relatable post like Vix.

    The thing I forgot about is, I’m me. And as a blogger you are your USP. The slightly plump, 5’4 Yorkshire lass with a killer eye roll and day dreams for days, makes this blog what it is. Life’s to short for the ifs and buts, so I took the plunge.

    Body image

    Now I’ve been pretty open about not being completely comfortable in my own skin. To be truthful I am no where near as comfortable as I would like to be. Although, I have definitely been taking giant leaps in the right direction.

    As a rule I wouldn’t show of my tummy, all tops needed to be longer than my bum, arms needed to be covered. Which was fine until some one had the grand idea to create a Very British heat wave which left me over heating, sweating and just massively rank.So I decided I couldn’t be arsed. Everyone has a tummy, most people have issues with their bodies, so why was I stopping myself feeling cool ?And with that I have found my love for summer dressing.So this little update may be a slightly boring and massively rambling (clues in the name folks). I just wanted to update you guys on my life and the reason I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog about the changes I’ve been making recently.See ya Sunday.Always love,Em x

    Goals for July.

    Lifestyle, Uncategorized July 1, 2018

    June. What can I say about you, other than you have been a bloody whirl wind. From finding a new fragrance, to getting a new job and losing all my confidence along the way, it’s safe to say this month has made me learn a thing or two.

    As I sit and write this on one of the hottest days of the year, with a glass of Savion and an empty wrapper of aero at my side- I can proudly say I have never been happier. Over the last month I have questioned every inch of my life. Checking, double checking and even sending out a few ‘am I really doing this’ text to the girls.

    Everything I questioned. Idid. What ever plays out over the coming months I can say, with a 100% certainty, that I am much stronger than i believe i am.

    (Life update coming soon, babes)

    Now let’s get to July

    July is (or at least I hope) slightly quiet compared to June. No birthdays, lunches out or new jobs – well, I hope not. Yes, this may have something to do with the fact I absolutely broke until the end of the month, or that I barely have a social life, but to be honest I’m excited for a break.

    No1. Take some time for me.

    Now, I’m not talking about taking one Sunday afternoon to read my book. I really want to take some time to figure out what I want and where I’m going. The past month has left me a pretty exhausted to be honest.

    Recently, I’ve been using meditation a few times a week to really home in on what I want in life and I’m so excited figure out ways to get my big life goals in motion.. although, my friends that’s for another time.

    Yoga, reading, facial? I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I’m really looking to finding something.

    No 2. Drink less.

    Don’t get me wrong I do like a tipple every now and again, but with the great British heat wave, I’ve been even more partial to a glass of white! So a major goal for me is to cut down on my drinking. ,

    Maybe just one night a week? Send rain, maybe?

    No 3. Find out what a bloody ISA is.

    Next on my adult to do list is …….. *drum rollll* savings. How adult of me. Any way, I’ve been debating putting some money away for a rainy day for a few months but recently I’ve had a lot of bills being paid off and wine to buy.

    ISA’s are a bit of a challenge for me. I’m just not sure what they are or even if it would work for me. So finding out the ins and out is pretty much a must for me.

    No 4. Get back in my diet.

    Yeah, I’m another girl on a diet. I haven’t lost a lot of weight over the last few months but I lost a little bit and it really made me feel much more confident within my body. So starting my healthier life style again is kind of needed.

    Right now my confidence is creeping back up and introducing a healthier life style again can only help.

    There you go my loves, my July goals. June’s been amazing- I can’t wait to tell you how July goes!

    Always love,

    Em x

    The Gin Tour.

    Lifestyle, Uncategorized April 19, 2018


    Over the next few months I have some pretty exciting things happening. A cheeky overnight stay, an afternoon’s stint in my favourite gastro pub and a few other things I’m sure I will take you along too. If you have visited Em Rambles before then you will know I’m a girl who loves a gin. From Gordon’s to Monkey 47, I am pretty sure I will enjoy them all.

    With new adventures on the horizon I have decided to burst my bubble when it comes to gin. Those pretty bottles which scatter the isles of Sainsbury’s, that fancy rose gold bottle that catches your eye in a swanky restaurant or just a gin with an unpronounceable name, over this series I intend on reviewing( the ones I can remember at least).

    Of course, a lot of this series in done in jest, you should always drink responsibly and LEGALLY. If you are under 18(in the UK), RELAX, your gin love affair will come when you are ready. And if you are over the legal age and want to enjoy a gin based tipple this series, just may be your baby.

    If anything does, worry you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Where was I?

    As the picture shows, I visited my local Gastro Pub. The Cadeby Inn, Doncaster. The Cadeby Inn, is home to Gin Lane, so I knew it would be an amazing place to start. Unfortunately we just went for drinks so I can’t review this lovely place but what I will say is if you are in the Doncaster area this place is worth a visit! It really is beautiful inside and out.IMG_4685

    Mason’s Yorkshire Gin.

    ‘Soft juniper, lime and orange rind flavours lead to a peppery finish with a subtle fennel fragrance on the nose, whilst on the palate there’s a ripe & sweet aniseed start, with bold citrus flavours, plenty of cardamom & green apple blending into a warm, mouth-watering finish.’- Masons Yorkshire Gin

    Masons Yorkshire Gin was the first gin that I really fell in love with. From the proud Yorkshire rose on the bottom of the bottom, to the completely amazing sweet taste of the dry gin- I love every inch of the stuff. Over Christmas I treated myself to their limited addition Apple flavoured gin and my love became an obsession.

    Being slightly* local to myself it’s amazing to see so many local gastropubs and bars stock both the original and lavender gin. Both of these gins are and am sure will continue to be my favourite paired with Fever Tree Tonic (literally the best tonic, ever).

    Masons also has an intriguing Tea Edition Gin, which I have still yet to taste. But you can bet, that at some point this summer I will be having a few.

    *still 100 miles away.


    ‘Hendricks’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusions: rose petal and cucumber.’ Hendricks

    Hendricks has always been a gin on my ‘to taste’ list. Of course it is sold across a variety of supermarkets, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s never the same at home is it? The big goblet style glasses, crushed ice cubes and the ever so over the top cumber really does require a sunny pub garden.

    The smooth consistency of this gin is perfect for all. A measure (double of course) with a fave tonic, you are good to go. Rose and cucumber flavourings add to the expensive feel to this gin. Focusing on elements which personally I would never put together Hendricks is a cut above any other gin you will get in your local Sainsbury’s.

    Definitely a quality easily accessible gin.

    Gin Mare.


    Please, mind the chair.

    ‘Gin Mare is created using Mediterranean crafts and time, in order to obtain an exceptional gin: from a premium barley base, through delicate maceration and distillation which is independent for each botanical (some, like the citrus carry a harmonization process more than one year) to the authentic blending which expresses all the characteristics of each botanical in the final product.

    NAMING GIN MARE’. Gin Mare.

    If I never try another top shelf gin again, I’ll be happy. The smooth flavouring (do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?) of citrus really does make this gin unique. In such a demanding and varied market many gins basically taste the same. Except Gin Mare.

    Being Garnished with Olives and Rosemary, this in is pretty out of this world. In fact if I am complete honest with you it’s what start this ill series.

    What I will say is this gin is pretty hard to get, you won’t find yourself finding it in the middle of Sainsbury’s selection that’s for sure. Yet, if you are a fan of a gin and see Gin Mare sitting on the top shelf I urge you to at least try it once.

    It’s that damn, good.

    I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of this series, please let me know if you have any recommendations in the comment below.

    Always Love,

    Gin Lover x

    5 Ways to Make Your Working Week More Bearable.

    Lifestyle, Uncategorized April 6, 2018

    If you are anything like myself you will have been struck down with an almighty case of Bank Holiday Blues. And huns, that’s no fun. Sleeping a little later than your alarm, staying up past your adulting bedtime or even just embracing the Easter tradition of Chocolate for Breakfast. If we are all honest, bank holidays are those dreamy things in which we loosen the rails and deal with the consequences later.


    Getting back into the swing of the working week after a bank holiday? Well, it isn’t so easy. The 6.30 starts, traffic and dealing with the office politics, is stressful. As soon as the end of the day comes along you find yourself wishing for Friday.  The next few days all seem to blur into one but Friday does eventually appear, but what about the little pick me ups which just make going back to work after a bank holiday less shit?

    Daily treats.

    A good Moisturizer, an extra biscuit or even the daily obligatory coffee from your local coffee shop are all things which ease the tension of the working day. One of thing recently which as aided my quest for sanity in this busy four day week has been using Aveeno body Yoghurt(bare with me). Personally, I find sweet scents comforting, the smell of honey in the Aveeno Body Yoghurt really does allow not only my skin to be nourished but gives me a little comforting fragrance on the go.

    Stick up for yourself.

    Now, I don’t do this very often. I don’t have the confidence too, but every now and again I muster enough courage to voice my own opinion. My most recent out burst, was something that I have been too afraid to do for a while. After finding yet another detail unbarable I sent off a few emails and to my surprise. I was right.

    Standing up for yourself isn’t a bad thing, it doesn’t make you less of a person. This little but scary thing really has given me a little confidence boost.

    Make weekend plans.

    Believe it or not the weekend will be here sooner than you think. Why not book a lunch with one of the girls, or block an hour to yourself shopping? Having something to look forward too will not only boost your excitement for the weekend but also allow yourself a little break in your hectic life.

    Netflix Binges.

    ‘Are you still watching?’ Of course I am Netflix…

    Finally finishing off a series you have been watching forever is a little bit of a confusing time. Amidst all of season finale drama there is a sense of ‘what do I do now?’. Ultimately you will just move on to yet another series to binge watch until your eyes bleed.

    Binge watching a TV series is amazing, you’re basically allowing yourself time away from your own problems and delving head first into a fictional characters. And sometimes, it’s the knowledge of another season waiting for you at home that makes your day a little easier.


    Is there anything better than curling up in a bed of freshly changed sheets and reading another chapter of an utterly amazing book? Probably not. Personally when I can’t comprehend yet another thing to add to my to do list, I tend to stop (if I can) and have an hour or two reading. That hour, gives my mind a little break and usually makes me a much better, less whirly version of myself.

    And if all else fails.


    When life keeps throwing a shit tone of stuff at you. Carbs is always the answer, preferably ones you don’t have to bung in the oven yourself.

    Yes my friends, my last resort is always cheese drenched bread.

    I hope this little (well may be not little) list will help you make the next few weeks a little easier for you. I once heard some one say ‘if you make yourself a priority then life will fall into place’. Whether you believe its true or not, these little tid bits can just ease the pressure of the week without any guilt. And don’t we all want that ?

    If you have anything else to add to this not so little list, please leave a comment below.

    Always love,

    Em x

    Accepting Flaws and Moving on…

    Lifestyle, Uncategorized March 6, 2018

    IMG_4368 (1)

    Over the past few months I have stripped back my life, friendships and even goals have been totally turned around. Doing this I have found myself not only feeling better about myself but I have finally found my feet. As cliché as it sounds, I finally know that I am where I am, because I have earned the right to be here.

    Even though I know where I am and the direction I want to go in, I feel cant help but feel like I could so easily revert. Finding yourself at a crossroads in your life is confusing, you could so easily make the wrong decision and find yourself back at square one. Feeling like a failure comes far to easy for myself, but I’d rather fail than never know.

    Accepting that sometimes you’re your own worst enemy.

    I’ve spoken in the past about pressure and the negative effect it has on our lives. Yet, knowing this and accepting this strange concept is two exceptionally different things. Knowing you constantly berate yourself over the tiniest insignificant details of your life is something, if we are all honest with ourselves, we are aware of but won’t change. In a world where ‘change’ is needed, why on earth is it so hard to except the things we know need to change to benefit our lives?

    Its simple, we are pretending.

    IMG_4366 (1)

    We’re pretending that even if we accepted everything we needed to move on our lives would be exactly the same. BUT, they wouldn’t. The thought of change is scary- its scares me to my very core to be honest. Change isn’t derogatory, its necessary. Do you really want to be the same person as that teenager that thought concealer lips and dream matte mouse was a ‘banging combination’. No, of course you don’t.

    Being you’re own worst enemy is soul destroying, it changes your mind set, your world and your ability to live the life you only dream off. And that’s starts with you, accepting that being uneccaserily hard on yourself will not win wars, it won’t make your day dreams come true- it will prevent them.

    You are worth so much more than that bewildered feeling, you carry with you. Stop it, leave it move on.

    Realising you’re worth much more than you were settling for.

    Believe it or not this point is not about relationships. Its about settling in your life. Shitty jobs, poor self esteem, down right awful health- we don’t need to accept this. You are settling. We often dream of having a better life, but never seem to put ourselves forward and actually start the process of bettering it.

    Settling, is damaging. Once you start to settle for something, your self esteem goes so far down the toilet its swimming in the Pacific. You are so much more than what you are accepting, if we only get one chance why the hell are we rolling over and settling in life.

    Learning to laugh at yourself.

    We all f*ck up. There is no rhyme or reason. We all have clumsy tendencies, I know I for one am fully aware that if there is a glass door in my presence, I will not only walk into it but leave my foundation print on it so I can never be forgotten.

    Laughing(even fake laughter) creates endorphins which will intern make you happier. Faking a laugh at a cliché colleague or even letting a slight giggle out over a drunken text to an ex, will help you. And if we are being honest, if you take the shame away, drunk texting actually pretty funny- in the morning when sober, at least.

    Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, even the most resting of bitch faces could do with cracking sometimes. Laughing is good for the soul, taking yourself too seriously creates unnecessary pressure. And seriously, who needs more of that?

    Moving on.

    Moving on in life is difficult. A task that is simply more daunting than we could ever imagine, its essentially like were breaking up with the negative effects in our lives. Is it time to block your insecurities,  to throw out all the negative impacts off your life or even just to tell the world to fuck off when you’re hammered. Its all perfectly fine.IMG_4365 (1)

    When you pick up broken the pieces in life, they never seem to fit together. Because they don’t. You are not the same – you’ve learnt and are starting to live differently. And huns, sometimes you do revert but the funny thing is, you can stop and start again. No one worth their salt will judge you and if they do, quite frankly, they are nothing.

    Its so easy to focus on the shit end of the scale when it comes to life, but when was the last time you actively sort to change something? Yes, change is most definitely a scary prospect, and you will constantly wonder if you should have started in the first place.

    Simply, YES. You never know unless you step away from the things that are holding you back. Whether that be relationships, work, insecurities or even social media. Whatever it is, it is more than okay to step away for a little while. Even a few days away to collect your thoughts will create time to change your view on things. Never, let the pressure make you feel worthless, because you are not. You’re a boss.


    ALWAYS, love.

    Em x