What blogging means to me.

Blogging, right now, is completely the love of my life. I love spilling out my ideas into words, even if noone reads them. My little blog, is just that. Mine. Over the past year I have grown a little in confidence. Blogging has completely attributed to that. After finally being able to home in on […]


Finding My Style: Denim

Hello my lovelies, In a previous blog I discussed my love of fashion and my excitement for finding my style again.Over the next few weeks these posts are going to be a little few and far between, with probably a selfie or two with them. I wanted to use a selfie because these outfit’s are […]


Blazers, changing the game.

  As I sit here and write this post, snow is on the ground, ice is building up on the road and the wind- lets just say it sounds like we’re traveling to Oz. Its hard to believe that spring is just around the corner. With every change in season trends come and go, and […]