Time to be your own Valentine?

Valentines, Galentines, 50% chocolate specials whatever you associate with the season of love, its here. In amongst the new couples, chocolate binges and sobbing singles, Valentine’s Day can be something that takes its toll on so many. Whether you’re a loved up babe or a sassy single, Valentine’s Day should be a day we celebrateContinue reading “Time to be your own Valentine?”

Being ‘Mediocre’ Me.

Over the past few years I’ve realised I am ridiculously mediocre. I’m no Victoria secret model, I’m no brain surgeon and to be honest, I’m just not that interesting. Whilst friends have gone traveling, dropped a lot of weight, had families – or just generally been amazing. I’ve skated by never really stepping out ofContinue reading “Being ‘Mediocre’ Me.”

Blogtober Day 11: Time to say Goodbye to the Comfort Zone.

Hey loves, Recently I’ve been thinking about comfort zones. We all have them, they’re unique to us- or to a specific time in our lives. Some comfort zones at can be found end at the end of our bed, others can be found with someone you love. Comfort zones are just that; comforting. So whyContinue reading “Blogtober Day 11: Time to say Goodbye to the Comfort Zone.”

Blogtober Day 10: Direction- Or Lack of it.

Bumbling through life at the speed of a slug having a nap, sounds a good analogy for my life night now. I have so many ideas which seem to flutter in and out of my head. One moment I think sod it, I want to travel the next well who knows. I certainly don’t. TheContinue reading “Blogtober Day 10: Direction- Or Lack of it.”