Time to be your own Valentine?

Valentines, Galentines, 50% chocolate specials whatever you associate with the season of love, its here. In amongst the new couples, chocolate binges and sobbing singles, Valentine’s Day can be something that takes its toll on so many. Whether you’re a loved up babe or a sassy single, Valentine’s Day should be a day we celebrate our longest relationship; the one we have with ourselves. In the words of Ru Paul, ‘ If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else’.

I challenge you this Valentine’s Day to celebrate yourself, the challenges you’ve face and the next steps of your life. Realising that you and you alone are solely responsible for all the things you have achieved and will continue to achieve. So grab a nice bottle of plonk, run a bath and leave the world at the door step. If a bubble bath isn’t for you, then its perfectly okay to rewrite the terms of your own valentines night.

Take time.

Okay, before i rant on about turning the world off i am. Fully aware that for many stepping away from the world on a week night probably isn’t an option. Parents, care givers and even people who have to work more than one job don’t get the option of having a night of. Yet their is one option you do have.

Taking your time- once the day is over with, is a luxury. Leaving deadlines at the doors, plodding along with your to do lists, without haste is rewarding. Having the ability to complete tasks without any rush allows you to relax and feel accomplished. Take your time isn’t always a bad thing, remember the tortoise and the hare?

Embrace who you are.

Everyone is different, therefore everyone’s way of relaxing is completely different. Listing to metal, watching the entirety of the Marvel universe and or even sitting in silence. Embracing your favourite things and running with them, is ultimately the most important thing in the season of love. If not, what’s the point? Go on, grab another chocolate and watch another episode of friends, make your soul happy.

Likewise embracing your love life is necessary to surging this sickening loved up month. Unlike, so many on social media, you don’t have to be in a relationship to have a great Valentine’s Day. Amongst the ‘Boys done good’, sea of pandora rings, and new relationships which will be lucky if they last the month, embracing your own relationship status really is important- especially in February.

I am sure at one time or another we have all be shamed for being single, or have been told that the partner we have in our lives just isn’t the one for us. Yet, in the long run, all that matters is that you are happy- the options of sheep shouldn’t rule you life. Embrace what you have even if others don’t agree.

Stop- even if its just for an evening.

As a generation, us millennial love to be busy. We love to complain about the overtime we’ve accrued or the latest amount of responsibility that we have had shoved on our desk. A friend once said, ‘I’m just too busy to take care of myself’, a sad honest truth we are all guilty of saying. Well, isn’t it time we all just stopped and cared for ourselves for just one night. Whether its deleting twitter for a night, or inviting the girls round to dance to all of Atomic Kittens Greatest hits. Taking one night away from the busy life we have, isn’t going to effect anything. Stepping away from distractions is the best way to care for yourself, and isn’t that the best way to be your own valentine?

Treat yourself.

If you are anything like me, then spending time and money on yourself seems to fall by the wayside. Work, bills, social interactions all take president to the pamper we all deserve, The term pamper is personal, for some its having a bubble bath, for others its the full shebang, face masks and all. For me, its a fresh set of gels, a new piercing and an hair cut.

Finding your own way of treating yourself, isn’t selfish. There will always be something you should be doing, or even a task that you could have finished to a higher standard. These trivial aspects of our lives ultimately stop many of us stop treating ourselves, and for what? Absolutely beggar all.

Whether you have a valentine or not this year, treat yourself how you would love them to treat you. Bubble bath, foot rub, a good bottle of wine- sounds amazing to me. Having one night away from the responsibilities which play on your mind not only allows you to rest, but allows for you to focus on the task when you pick it up again.

Remember Valentine’s Day is merely 24 hours, you have the rest of your life to find who you are, embrace it.

Happy V-Day.

Em x

A reintroduction to Em Rambles.

Hello you lovely bunch.

After a delve into the Rambles archive I realised that I haven’t really introduced myself or my venture into blogging. I haven’t always been Em Rambles but I have always held the same values. Initially (when Look was my bible) I was heavily focused on fashion. However right you’d be hard up to find any clothing items within my think pieces. 2018 has been a year in which my content has changed but I’ve always been the same slightly odd, emotional Em.


Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way.

I have always had a huge love of fashion, I love the confidence a garment gives a woman. Adding a beloved blazer, a killer pair of heels or even a cheeky bit of lingerie, really allows a women, to feel confident in her own skin. So once I got my GCSE’s out of the way I went straight to college to study fashion. And honestly, I was just awful. My heart was in the right place but I just didn’t have the passion for pattern cutting others in my class did. Adding to the fact I have no spacial awareness and could be classed as a hazard to society. Over time I realised it was best to back away from the scissors after completing my course.

After struggling my way through college I some how managed to get the grades I needed to go to uni. In 2014, graduated with a 2:1 from the University of Northampton. AGAIN, I found that I was probably not cut out for the demanding environment of Fashion Marketing. So after working as a temp for a few years I now work in admin, and honestly I’m pretty happy about it.


I will never take my time at university for granted purely because my course leader pushed me (and other in my course) to blog. Blogging has given me so much confidence and even allowed me to have something that I was able to throw myself into when my personal life was nose diving.

I now own my site and have written some blogs posts I am really proud off. Without sounding too cheesey I have no idea where my blog will take me- or even if it will take me any where at all, but it makes me feel more myself than anything else in my life. And I will forever be great full to Sally for introducing me to the blogosphere.

Nerding it out.

I LOVE all things slightly nerdy: marvel, sic-fi dramas and of course a slight bit of magic (watch this space). From comics to film franchises and to wands i love anything that is remotely classed as ‘nerdy’. I may not be academic but i can argue who was the best hobbit like a good one.

The future

In the next few months I have some amazing opportunities I can’t wait to share with you. My next major change to my blog is a move from lifestyle content to mental health. I believe that some time every one needs a helping hand, and if I the blogs I create can help anyone- then for me it’s worthwhile.

2018 has been a year that brought massive changes. As I sit and write this post I can’t wait to diversify my content and focus my blog.

Here’s to an amazing blogmas and an exciting 2019!

What blogging means to me.

Blogging, right now, is completely the love of my life. I love spilling out my ideas into words, even if noone reads them. My little blog, is just that. Mine.

Over the past year I have grown a little in confidence. Blogging has completely attributed to that. After finally being able to home in on the content that I want to create, I finally was able to start accepting my flaws and laugh the embarrassment of yet another fuck up away.

Truth be told I probably have an unhealthy attachment to the blogosphere. From dispising trolls and championing bloggers when they succeed. Blogging brought me out of my shell and allowed me to figure out ,somewhat ,who I wanted to be.

I will be forever grateful for that.

Having a voice.

For years I never felt my opinion mattered; I didn’t think I did. Being able to express that on my blog, to find others felt the same shocked me to my core.

The more I wrote, the more I found my opinion mattered. For months I didn’t understand that people were actively responding to the words I was using. I found a voice, that people didn’t seem to hate. And in time I started to listen to my own views more and more.

Bad dates, lack of confidence, my hatred of the way I look- I have pretty much shared my insecurities with every reader. The more I wrote the more I accepted the things that had happened to me, the shit I’ve done and laugh at the down right questionable experiences.

I found that I may just be somewhat relatable to others. And sharing my weird experiences, views and innuendos, might just make others feel less of a fuck up.

Relatable vs Luxury ?

With so many bloggers in the bloggersphere, everyone has blogs which relate to them. For me, personally, blogging is relatable. Even inspiring luxury blogs still home some sort of relatable aspects for most. Take Lydia Elise Millen, for example. Sure, she buys handbags I can only dream off, travels to places I may never see in my life time, but she is relatable. Her openness about mental health, feeling inadequate in not only her life but in the blogosphere and of course, her love of Zoflora.

No matter the genre, blogging is relatable to almost every person alive.

There’s so many bloggers.

According to Aquora.com, that in 2013 there was 152 million bloggers in the world. A figure which has grown rapidly since.

I have to admit even I was shocked at that figure- although not surprised. Of course there are a heck of a lot of bloggers out there, but that isn’t a bad thing. There is so much choice out there for readers. Genuine content, amazingly beautiful images and likeable bloggers thrive in the blogosphere.

The amount of bloggers for me personally, shown the amount of people that needed some where to find their voice. To share their loves, excitement and hopes for the future. As cheesey at the cheese counter at Sainsbury’s, blogging has allowed so many creators to find a voice, confidence and friends- it makes my heart burst with pride.

And me?

I love being relatable. Blogging for me has been something that I can be 100% honest with. The embarrassment of walking into doors, honesty about my life and even really dodgy fake tans- I hope my take makes others feel better about their misgivings.

Blogging is relatable to the reader- it’s that simple. A blog post may not be relevant to you at that time, but in six months, a year or even 5, it just may be.

Right now, I talk a lot about my point of view in life. And honestly that isn’t going to change. For me, product reviews can be saved for bloggers such as Debra Bow, travel for I’m just a girl and luxury Lydia Millen.

Being laugh out loud, relatable is me. And my blog should represent that. In such a (hate the word vomit I’m going to spill) saturated industry, you are you’re own selling point and if others don’t like it, then there’s plenty of other people that will.

Blogging is amazing. It’s that simple. I don’t intend in dropping it from my life or changing the content I create.

I am so happy I found blogging. It allows me to share my dorky stories, embrace the chaos and champion the new chapters in my life. Thank you for the people who continue to support me

Always love,

Em x

Blogtober day 22: Things are changing…



Hey you utter babes.

I’ve been wanting to write a little life update, but I have no idea how too. My life is slightly up in the air right now and I just don’t know how to update you. Please bare with me, an ‘official’ update is coming your way soon but as of right now please, cross your fingers that things carry on the way they are right now. ‘Cause right now, I am a semi functioning adult.

Trust me, I am just as shocked as you are.

Recently, I have found that my blog means the world to me. It’s a space where I can truly be myself. I don’t have to watch what I say because this little space is mine. So, I wanted to give you a few reason’s why I love blogging and the blogging community.

  • The people- I have met some amazing people since blogging. They have never once made me feel insignificant in a world full of uber babes. And this little blob of a blogger truly does appreciate everyone one of you.
  • The response- I still can’t believe that anyone would read the shit I put out on this blog of mine- let alone follow me! There may not be many of you, but it lows my mind. So thank you, you epic humans, you have no idea how amazing your support is.
  • My future- This blog has turn the path I thought was mine on its arse(if I’m going to be honest). Blogging has helped me see that nothing needs to be planned. If its meant to be it will happen, life can’t be forced.


I am so grateful for everyone of you, who have helped me. I can’t wait for you to see what (I hope) happens next.





Blogtober Day 20: Friday Favourites No.3


Hello you beauts!

I’ve definitely been stepping up my self care recently, so this favourites post will be filled with snuggly goodness. Oh yes, give me anything warm and relaxing.

Once Upon A Time.


GUYS, ITS BACK. I have a little bit of an obsession when it comes to Once, I love the idea of fairy tales being brought to life in new innovative ways. With the shake up in cast, I am quite interested to see what happens. So if you text me on a Wednesday night, please don’t expect a response until Friday morning. I will be dreaming of Story Brooke (yes, I know it’s not set their any more).

Mint Oreo Cadburys.

I have no idea what its actually called but this has been such a life saver whilst I have been a hormonal wreck. Mint, check. Oreo, check. Chocolate, check. Seriously, this a marvel.

Body shop Camomile Balm Cleanser.

Omd’s! This Balm Cleanser is a game changer. I have wanted to try this since it’s release a year ago and honestly it is incredible. The soft and gentle nature of the camomile allows make up, dirt and oil to be removed quickly. You need the tiniest amount, so the product will last for ages.

The Body Shop Vitimin C peel

Okay, if you follow me on twitter (if you don’t you totally should), you will know I am head over heels for this amazing creation. After a friend of mine nagged me for months to try this product, I picked up a sample pot in one of my local stores. AND OH MY DAYS, it has changed my skin to the point its kind of unrecognisable. My skin is now smooth and soft instead of dry and flakey.



I don’t care if Christmas is 66 days away I am so ready to show you some of my blogmas content. I have so many plans, to do list and well, birthday celebrations to write about I just can’t wait!

Pumpkin Picking.


If you have been around for a while then you will know that I recently went pumpkin picking. And I couldn’t recommend it enough! As two 24 year olds, we marched up and down the pumpkin patch dodging the mouldy pumpkins and taking far too many pictures. It was such a great day.





Blogtober Day 19: Netflix Shows I’m Obsessed with.


We’ve all heard of Netflix and chill but what happens when we just forget about the chill?

You got it… one of the best binge fests you will ever be part off! I have recently found my love of box sets again, in fact I may or may not have watched these shows 47 times and could quote them in my sleep. Sorry, not sorry.

*I have tried my hardest not to give away any spoilers*

Gavin and Stacey.


Image BBC

Honestly, if you don’t know about this programme I officially think your from Mars. I LOVE the friendship dynamic and yes sometimes it may or may not just go a little bit to far (if you have watched you will know what I mean).  There is just something wonderful about the family that they have created and the relationships built between them

Gavin and Stacey is just a show that gives you a warm feeling in your tummy when you watch it. Isn’t that the best kind of feeling?

Once Upon a Time.


Image JustJaredjr.com

Okay, confession time. I am obsessed with Once, I have loved it since I was at university. The idea of watching fairy tales come to life may just be a little bit daft but trust me when I say its magical. The cast, the stories and just the overall feel of the show really makes for a great watch. And, if you’re looking for a deeper meaning, its a great story in knowing ‘you have the ability to create your own story’.



Image Bbc

I think my feelings for Miranda are definitely on par with my feelings for Bridget Jones. I feel like every story line could happen to me, except I’m short. If you love anything, that relates to poor dating choices, noisy mothers and some very questionable friends- then PLEASE go watch this!

Luke Cage


Image IMDB

I love anything Marvel related. When Luke Cage popped up on Netflix I was so hesitant to watch it. What if it wasn’t as good as Jessica Jones (which is totally boss even though it isn’t on this list)? And I am kicking myself! The programme is a little dark and gloomy in places but it is definitely worth a watch- I would describe more but I really don’t want to give anything away.

Rick and Morty.


Image hulu.com

I have to admit I am only a few episodes in, but I get the hype. The show is questionable, but will make you laugh until your sides hurt. I can honestly say I am looking forward to continuing to watch Rick and Morty.

SO there you have it, a few shows I am obsessed with and I have to tell you there will be more coming your way! If you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments!


Blogtober Day 17: Blogging Babes That Inspire Me.

Chloe and I at the Bloggers blog awards,

Okay Huns, we need to talk.

I often lack motivation, inspiration and sometimes just sense to blog. I am constantly in awe of the bloggers I see daily, who just seem to be bossing it. Scheduling amazing content and posting utterly epic flat lays, is no mean feet. The women below are the blogs I reach for when I feel a little insignificant in the world of blogging.

Six feet of Sarah.

Okay I am massively biased but you need to check out this blog. After nagging her repeatedly to start blogging- cause she’s amazing, Slytherin has finally gone and done it. I am lucky enough to have her at the end of the phone but I am even more grateful for her to be part of my life (vom).

I’m just a girl.

Chloe is such an amazing example of how the blogging community can change your life. This amazing young woman has grown in confidence, not only in her self but the quality of her work. She has fast become my go to person to ask a million questions about, well, basically anything. When I’m a little lost (which is most of the time) she never fails to remind me of my passion for blogging. If you want amazing reviews, loved up snippets and a fair few pictures of her gorgeous little cat then you need to check this girl out.

Lydia Elise Millen.

Honestly, it was finding Lydia’s channel that opened my eyes up to YouTube. I was amazed that the anxious little mess I was back then found some one to aspire too.  After following her social media platforms for over a year,Lydia has shown that change is perfectly okay. Changing your life style through ways that suit you and not others is something that we should applaud. Some days will be plain sailing and the others well, there just going to be fucking shit. And loves that’s okay too.

Obviously, Lydia is known for her classic style and healthy lifestyle but if you watch her vlogs from well over a year ago, you can see that’s she should basically be the poster child for the phrase, ‘positivity, breads light’.

Hannah Gale

A blogging friend(Chloe) of mine suggested I read Hannah’s blog because I’d ‘love it’ and she wasn’t bloody wrong. I love reading through her archive because their are so many aspects to her 25 year old life which are so relevant to me. Her page basically makes me feel less of a fuck up and more of an adult.

P.S Its not just her archive that’s amazing, her new posts are pretty amazing too!

Vix Meldrew.

Vix’s blog is still new to me but I have fallen head over heels for her realistic, heart warming and just relevant (to my life, at least) post’s. Bad dates, relationships and anxiety all washed down with a few gins is pretty much how I look at her blog- and my life for that matter. And I can’t wait to read more.

Of course I have a fair few more blogs which inspire me when I just can’t muster up any form of inspiration, BUT these incredible women keep me going when I need to give myself a kick up the arse. So thank you, you utter bosses!

Do you have any blogging inspiration? Let me know who yours are in the comments below.