Packing Struggles.

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I’m trying my best with this photography lark.

It may be the end of holiday season but there are a few stragglers who’s are going away this month . *Cough* Me*cough*. So I thought I’d write a little list about all those niggling little thought we have in the packing process. Cause, let’s be honest guys and girls, it’s a nightmare.


  1. HELLO, Snazzy New Suitcase!
  2. Primark Flip Flops, 90p. Don’t mind if I do!
  3. Don’t forget sunscreen. Oh sunglasses. I need to make a list.
  4. How may pairs of Knickers should I take.
  5. Come hear you fit maxi dress.
  7. What have I forgotten
  8. Do I have enough cash?
  9. Shit. Fuck. Where’s my passport?
  10. Do I really need to go on holiday this much. It’s Stressful.
  11. What the heck do I need to take in my hand luggage
  12. Shoes. I need shoes.
  13. I haven’t packed half my stuff and I’m already over the weight limit. HOW!?!
  15. Right, that must be everything.
  16. Shut damn you*sits on top of case and prays that you’re not breaking anything*
  17. *Find vital item, desperately needed for holiday- usually straighteners or make up*.
  18. It’s taking too long to pack.
  19. That’s it, if it’s not in my case ill buy it there.
  20. Puts suitcase next to the door and hope you packed your knickers.

See guys, you are not alone!

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The essentials for those ‘HELP ME’ mornings.

We all have those days we simply can’t function. The prospect off social interactions, endless spreadsheets or just getting out of our pajamas just gets a little too much. If you’re anything like myself then these days come far too often. Sometimes not finding the ability to function as a normal ‘human’ being is enough to drive any one around the bend.


So here are a few tips I’ve collected over the past few years which help me when I can do anything but function.

Have a coffee.

Okay, you highly caffeinated folk who are currently rolling their eyes back to 1966, hear me out. Making a coffee and having 10 minutes to sit an drink it at your leisure is relaxing. It’s a great way to ease yourself into the day with the added benefit of caffeine. Yes! Woo, caffeine!

Allowing yourself 10-15 minutes for a lovely cup of coffee in the morning will not only give your morning a little bit of a boost but will allow you to plan and prepare to get out of your PJ’S AND ROCK THE DAY!

Give yourself an extra bit of love.

Now this is something I am all for! When I’m particularly anxious/tired/stressed I spend a little bit more time getting ready. I pop a little bit more concealer on, load my lashes full of mascara and make sure my hair looks kind of presentable.

Give yourself a bit of TLC.


Something as silly as popping your favorite lipstick on can change your mindset from Slytherin to cute little Hufflepuff in a swish and flick.

Text one of the girls.

I can guarantee I will get at least one text from one of my babes in the morning. Having a little moan will really help get somethings off your chest and clear your mind for the morning ahead.

Write a to do list.

Daft but true. Getting a little bit organized can lift a weight of your shoulders. Ticking things off said to do list will only make you feel like the ultimate boss you are. And maybe you could treat yourself to a little nap once the to do list is completed?

Just remember completing one task a day is a great. Sometimes life gets in the way, don’t feel disheartened if you do not complete the full list. You’re still a Queen.

Get dressed.

Pajamas are great…for bed. Yet, if you want an uber productive day, pop some comfy clothes on. For some reason coffee stained pajamas just don’t motivate folk get shit done.

And there you have it a few tips which help me when I’ve fallen out with myself. Hope this helps you utter babes!


Learning to Love Yourself After A break up.

I can honestly say, I gave everything I could to my last relationship. I’m not going to go into too much detail but I can proudly say that. In the weeks after we split I found that I had more strength than I ever thought possible. Although, the way I found out meant my heart break for the relationship I’d lost had to be pushed to the side. I had bigger fish to fry.

So a month or two after my break up, I began to go through the motions. I missed him. I missed us. We weren’t right for each other, but I couldn’t help but want to call him. I find it quite worrying how much I wanted to call him, actually– especially after a glass or two. I am not ashamed to say I did call and speaking to him opened the can of worms again.

But sodding him off, and focusing on myself has been the best experience I have ever had. At 24, I can honestly say I am not where I want to be, BUT, I’m not far off. This break up with someone I could see a life with (VOM), taught me more than I could ever know. And here’s a little snippet.

Crying- total god send.

Everyone has been here. Sitting on the floor crying into their 7th tub of Ben and Jerry’s wondering why the world hates us so bloody much. Sobbing through every word, of the supportive messages from group text, OR simply wondering if you can go back and retract everything.

You are most definitely not alone. Whether Break up or just a shit day this happens to us all. Remember its not those who hurt us that matter. The ones that matter  give the spoon for the Ben and Jerrys and calls the person who hurt you a wanker.

No one should tell you what to do- you cry into your tea!

Taking time

Do not be one of those people who jump from relationship to relationship for pissing hells sake. Your emotions don’t roll over from a prior experience, you are not giving bonus points and you most certainly don’t ‘win the break up’.

Take time to find yourself again. Go to the gym, buy shoes, drink shit wine and laugh with the girls. Feed your soul with light and laugher.

Cutting of the world- put down the phone.

Turn off, hide, give to a friend- i don’t care. Just have time away from your phone. You will only hurt yourself further if you try and see what your ex is up too.


Scientifically laughing is good for you- even if its a fake laugh to make your dad’s day. Laughing is a great way to make you feel like yourself again. Its so easy to lose who you are at the end of a relationship, or even in the relationship. So grab a mate and do something that will make you laugh until you wee!

Building your confidence.

Now this is a funny one. Everyones confidence levels very and if you naturally are lacking in confidence it really is hard to build. It’s hard but not unimaginable. Just take things in baby steps. If you aren’t confident enough to go to the gym, book a class? Everything you think you can’t do, you can. Trust me.

Opening up

Talking about the relationship is good. It helps the healing process. Talking to those closest to you will really help. Shutting them out will only hurt you in the meantime.

Moving on.

Moving on takes time, when you are ready. And only then should you do so. It’s okay to be scared or nervous, love will always arrive when you least expect it too.

Hope this little ramble helps anyone who feels a little lost after a break up. Break ups don’t define who you are. Sometimes we all just need time to reassess and move on.

Beauty Blogger Tag!

Image y me (At least i’m trying)

The fact I was nominated for this tag makes me giggle. But Chloe (or the ultimate babe as you may know her on here) decided to nominate me and I just couldn’t say no. Now I am not by any means a beauty blogger but I thought I would share what little wisdom I have, in hopes someone will tell me where I’m going wrong!

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

I’d have to say The Body Shop, English Rose Face Mask. It aims to give a little bit more life to skin and leaves it feeling lovely and refreshed. Having naturally quite dry skin, this product leaves my skin so nourished. I use it probably twice a month, which isn’t a lot. I mainly use it when my skin needs it.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever heard?

Always take your make up off before bed. No matter who is next to you, they are not worth the spots.

I have no idea who said it but it’s something that sticks in my mine. Having a thick cleanser can really help keep spots at bay. I have never really had severe acne, but when I do get the odd explosion of spots, I tend to feel quite paranoid people are judging my skin.

And if you are lucky enough to have someone sleeping next to you, they can just deal with the red skin and under eye bags.

Would you rather wear no lipstick or no mascara for a year?

Oh this is a little bit of a tough one! I do love a nude lip, but I would have to say mascara. I feel like I look like a bit of a boiled egg without it. Mascara also makes me look like I’m awake- when all I want is to dip my head in  a vat of coffee.

What’s your favourite makeup brand ever?

I don’t think there’s one in particular. Although The Body shop is a brand I constantly go back too. I love their products- even though some can be a bit of a miss. There foundations are amazing! I couldn’t recommend their cushion foundation enough. All their products are cruelty free and yes, they are slightly more expensive than high street but they are definitely worth it.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? (Be honest!).

Do I really have to be honest?

I’d have to say once a month maybe? Yes, I know I’m disgusting! I wear the same make up pretty much every day, I don’t really diversify my look. So I tend just to use my brushes until they look a bit grim. *Smacks hands*

What’s your favourite skincare product… moisturiser, cleanser, toner?

I’d probably have to say Micellar water. I hate using really thick cleansers or balms. Most Micellar waters a pretty good but I don’t think I’ve found a better one than simple. It’s really help remove make up effortlessly and calm down the redness in my skin. Bonus! It’s pretty cost effective too, I think it’s about £6.00 and last for months.

Do you prefer a matte eyeshadow or a shimmer?

I’m definitely a matte girl! I love to stick to browns or warm organs, I think they really compliment my dark brown eyes. And seriously who doesn’t love a brown tone Smokey eye!

Have you ever purchased any of the beauty advent calendars? If so, which ones?

No, but I am definitely eyeing up The Body Shop’s festive beaut! I love advent calendars which don’t just display the brands make up but there skin care too. It’s a great way to show products to people who may not even know they exist!

Which beauty blogger do you think offers the best advice and tips?

Emma’s Rectangle(give her a search on YT) is bloody amazing. She deserves so much more recognition that what she gets. She has such a great knowledge on products and I find her looks are really diverse. She is kind of the reason I may or may not be eyeing up the Gorgio Armani foundation. I love her. My bank account, not so much!

Name one beauty trend from your high school years – did you like it?

Fucking, Dream Matte Mouse(yes, that’s now what I call it). Seriously why! I now have no idea why it had such a cult teen following the shades we just awful!

How long does it take you to do your makeup in the morning?

About 10 minutes. I don’t use a lot. And it’s always the same stuff.

Do you do your foundation first and then your eye makeup or your eye makeup first?

Foundation I love a light covering just to cover the redness on my chin and around my nose. I can’t stand it.

Have you mastered the art of contouring?

Haha, no. I like to think I attempt it and don’t look gaunt. Although I could most definitely be wrong with that!

What’s your absolute favourite foundation?

I honestly don’t think I have one. I love different aspects of foundations I have tried recently. I love the application of Rimmel 24 hr stay (it smells good too), the colour (I’m pale) of L’Oréal cushion foundation and the comfort of No 7 Airbrush foundation.

I promise I’m not picky.

Do you prefer a more natural brow or do you go all-out Cara Delevingne?

It depends on my mood. Although I’d say I tend to go for a natural over bold brows. I have naturally quite dark thick brows so I’m a little scared as to what product to use on them.

So I’m going to change the next bit a little. I am not going to nominate annoy, but simply ask any one who reads this to leave a comment, giving a their best beauty advice or favorite products. Us novices needs a little bit of help!



Now, I am totally aware that this blog has not been going long enough for anyone to really know me. But I thought I would let you know, a little insight into what I’ve been doing lately and a few things to watch out for in the future.

Bye, comfort zone!

Being more of a wine, blankets and Star Wars kind of girl I don’t really venture out of my little bubble but I definitely have a few things that that are going to test my anxiety and confidence levels. From September on wards I am pretty busy with some project’s I’m working on and obviously, the festive season.

But, lets start with September. Well, the first exciting thing, first. I am going on holiday with my Sytherin buddy- they’re not all bad. So be prepared for hundreds of pictures coming your way! I am not overly confident so being seen by any one in swimwear fills me with major anxiety. Add in me being a pretty shit traveller then the stress comes flooding in- right now I feel totally fine about it.

I also have my first blogging event in September! How exciting! I am going to the Bloggers Blog Awards, with a couple of girls I simply adore! My blogging experience would be pretty shitty without them!  Pst… Yes, I will be blogging about my day!


My life has always been hectic. And sometimes I’ve lost myself in the mist of it all. I have always wanted to get out of it, build something that will change my life for the better (wouldn’t we all like that). Although the hectic, majorly panicked I’ve quietened down and this new shiny ‘I can do anything- it will all get sorted’ Em has appeared. And trust me, I am just as shocked as you are!


My focus has completely changed. In the past I put so much importance of influences (both good an bad); I simply couldn’t let any one down. I recently gave up on that idea and decided after a mammoth panic attack than I needed to focus on getting MY MH back on track and if others didn’t like it then they can just, totter on by!


I’d tell you but I have no bloody clue. I am well and truly winging it!

So what about you? What are you doing to break free of the, damn, comfort zone? Let me know in the comments!

Cocktail of the Month: Elderflower Fizz.

Oh, hi there!

After thinking of the content I would love to up load, cocktails (alcoholic and non alcoholic) kept cropping up. I am a massive cocktail enthusiast. Being rather partial to a Pornstar Martini, I couldn’t help but think of a better idea to lead us into the Christmas months.

And I couldn’t start with a better cocktail than Elder Flower Fizz! Simple, beautiful and takes barely any time at all! Perfect for the last few Summer days.

You will need.



Elder flower cordial or Liqueur (AND that’s it- I told you it was easy!).

Prosecco time!



  • Firstly grab a few glasses, worthy of instagram!
  • Then pour the Prosecco into the glass until half the glass is filled.
  • Then add 25ml measure (or a quarter of the glass) of Gin and Elder flower cordial to taste.
And now for Gin ❤


Tip: Pop the glasses in the freezer a few hours prior to making the cocktails to ensure the drink will remain cold for longer.

Now, didn’t I tell you it was easy?

Non Alcoholic, Alternative

Lemonade or Soda Water.

Elder Flower Cordial


I would suggest popping a few blueberries in the glass and giving them a little push with a spoon. This will help bring out the Elder flower flavour. Just make sure this is done before the next step- to avoid an explosion of blueberries.

Fill up the desired glass with Lemonade/Soda Water, until about three quarters of the glass is full. Add a good splash  of Elder Flower cordial and give it a little stir. And VA la.

Hope you enjoyed, this super simple but a little bit fancy cocktail of the month. Please let me know what cocktails you’d like to see in the months coming!




Body Confidence: To do list!

Hello, my loves.

I honestly don’t know where to start with this post. So I apologise right now, if it seems like a big old brain fart- it is. But here goes nothing.

I hate the way I look.

At this moment in time I struggle to look comfortably at myself in the mirror. As far as I can remember I have always had weight issues. Being a massive comfort eater, my weight has yo yo’d for as long as I could eat. I don’t think a week goes by without a comment on my weight or back handed compliments get flung my way. Cause everyone wants to hear ‘ you’d be pretty if you lost a bit of weight’. Lovely!

I have always been conscious about my weight, over the past few months I’ve wanted to grow as a person. The way I look kind off fell to the wayside a little bit. At this moment in time I am so unbelievably proud that I have faced the obstacle’s I have, head on. I’ve kind of accepted that I was a horrible teen and an even more hideous person as a student. And I have rectified most of it. Or at least I hope I have.

This post isn’t to create a pitty party. This post is for me. A post I have created to remind myself on a few things.

1, Fuck the people who belittle you. They are only insecure themselves.

Now, Em, you know who they are.

Family, friends or whoever else constantly makes you feel shit about your weight or the way you look shouldn’t be given the time of day. When they are close members of family this is more difficult but isn’t impossible to do. You are stronger than you think, and they’re words don’t define you.

2, Get back to the gym.

The GYM? Yes.

The gym is an amazing outlet. Use the bikes, cross trainers or whatever piece of equipment you want, until you can’t think of those words any more. No one ever looks forward to going to the gym, but you will feel better for it. So, fucking go.

3, Stop using the scales.

Weighing scales are the devil.

Those numbers don’t define you. Don’t look at them you’ll be happier for it.

4, Remember this.

I constantly doubt myself, my abilities and pretty much everything else that comes my way. This is something I have to remind myself daily. The way I look is not the reason my ex cheated? It’s not the reason why some people want to put you down. And it is most certainly not the reason why you hated being the person you were.

So just remember. You, my dear are enough. *Repeat until it sinks in*

I could go on and on about this subject. Whether you are under, over or slap bang in the middle, YOU ARE AMAZING. *shed’s tear into my brew*