Bumped heads and Bandaged Knee’s.

So my little Cherubs, I am back.

Not that I’ve gone anywhere, I’ve just uploaded a new blog post.

I’ve recently reached out to you guys and girls about my MH and rubbish bits that been thrown at me along this bumpy road that is life. So I thought, I’d do a little motivational post to tell remind us all that they’re may be a few bumped heads and bandaged knees, but we are all pretty epic.

First things, first.

You’re awake.

You’re dressed.

You’ve thrown make up at your face and don’t look like a reject from the circus. BONUS!

If any of the above three have been completely, you’ve got to day in

Nothing quite like a wine with mum- we all need it sometimes.

the bag!


Past accomplishments

In the self-love tag I was reminded of all the things I thought were never possible but I did. Passing your driving test, finding the love of your life or going on a trip you never thought possible. YOU DID THAT! And that’s amazing.

You’re Loved.

We all have people and/or pets in our lives that love us unconditionally, no matter our flaws. If you’re a little stressed, it might be time to grab a cup of tea and call a loved one. Or I find taking to the dog equally as therapeutic and without any unnecessary sarcasm.

Honestly, you will be surprised how many people will be there when you need them to be.

You have survived every bad day in your existence!

*Read the above sentence 3 times and repeat*

Everyone has bad days, some worse than others. Yet, you still picked yourself up and got on with it. So this little mountain will perish, don’t you worry.


So There you have it! Our motivational quote to get us through the tough times, like Tuesday and Next sales. WE CAN DO THIS!


Now, I wouldn’t get to excited for this post, it will only be uploaded when I actually have things to talk about. But right now there are a few things that are totally rocking my world and destroying my bank balance. So I thought I’d let you in on them.

I love Autumn. Picture taken by me!


White Mocha

The delicious-ness of a Starbucks White mocha can now be somewhat achieved at home. Nescafé have launched a new sachet of heavenly coffee which has seemingly blown my mind! It’s so lovely and frothy and definitely gives you the ‘warm and cozy’ Autumn feeling everyone is craving right now. Just REMEMBER the second stir is needed to make sure you don’t have any massive lumps of powder attacking you teeth

L’Oréal Paradise Exotic Mascara.

Tip: Curl you eyelashes. You’ll thank me.

After the first 3 applications I hated this mascara, it was clumpy and just not the fluttery goodness I was hoping for. I don’t know if there was too much product in the bottle or it just takes a little getting used to but the 4th application was a game changer. My lashes, look Long, fluttery and it stays! ITS ALL I COULD EVER WANT IN A MASCARA.

I am a girl who throws make up at her face and hopes for the best. Seriously, my makeup skills rival a 6 year old. I had my eye on this mascara a few weeks before it launched in the UK- purely because of the packing. Yes, I am indeed that basic, but I have to say I am obsessed and cant wait to wear this bad boy on holiday!

Next, Antigua Room defuser.

This is my ultimate babe of smells. A room defused of beach, cocktail filled holiday goodness, its just perfection. Next has really knocked it out of the ball park with this one.

I’ve had this diffuser for nearly 3 months and I still have a quarter of the bottle(Praying it lasts till the Christmas scents so I can change it to the equally lovely winter fragrance). Now don’t get me wrong it does cost a little more that usual (£18 ish) but it really does last and makes the most amazing difference to any room.


A bit of an odd one to say its August, but I am ready for fluffy coats, blankets and Latte’s now.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Yes! Picture sourced from newnownext.com.


I have spent the past 4 days Binge watching this absolute amazing show. I have to admit this isn’t the first time I’ve watched the show, but it just makes me so happy. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the relationship Ru has with the other judges and, indeed contestants.

Ru Paul’s drag race is a show that screams opportunity. An opportunity to be yourself an opportunity to learn to love your flaws and an opportunity to view a completely different way of life. And I absolutely love it!

P.S I really need to take some make up tips off pretty much 90% of the contestants.

I told you it would only be a ‘few’ but I can promise you that these are my current, can’t live without products. I could probably list a lot of tat but these few things really do keep putting a smile on my face. So, here’s to next time, lovelies.o

Self Love Tag

So, the little babe that is Chole, tagged me in the self-love tag. And I thought it was about time I stopped putting myself down and remember that even though some days I walk around with my leggings on backwards, I’m alright.

Without blowing my own trumpet, let’s get on with the Self Love Tag.

Of course, the love of my life needs to be shown in this tag!

What’s Getting you down at the moment?

Right at this very moment my bonkers hormones are getting me down. As a whole, my anxiety has really been amplified recently. I have no idea why or if there is a specific reason for it but sometimes I hate the thought of going out of the house because of it.

What makes you happy?

I am such a home bunny, so being at home. Being all snoodled up in my dressing gown and slippers really does make me so damn happy it’s unreal. Throw in a musical sound track and I am in my own little pod of happiness.

I should also mention my smelly little dog in this, too. He’s so happy all the time and it’s so lovely to be around.

Three Guilty pleasures.

Craig David- I know all the words to fill me in and I don’t intend on stopping blasting that bad boy out on the motor way!

Peppermint Tea- not necessarily a guilty pleasure, but drinking tones of it a day definitely makes me feel guilty!

Bridge to Terabithica- YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. I love it. I sob every time.

What is something about yourself you’d like to improve on?

I’d love to improve on my confidence. In fact that’s one of the reason’s I haven’t met some of the girls I’m desperate too! I can’t help thinking this podgey blogger (yes, that’s what I shall call myself from now on), will be a little bit of a let-down.

When was the last time you belly laughed?

I have no idea how long ago it was, but it was a while- bit sad really. I laughed so hard at some little sarcastic thing my mum did. We are so similar, so when it comes to sarcasm- we know what’s going to happen before it does.

What is your biggest insecurity and fear?

Ooo, this is delving a little deep, isn’t it? Erm, I’d have to say that I will end up alone. I think because I’m an only child it makes me really aware that I could end up that way. At least I will always have wine.

Name a song that always cheers you up when you’re down

Craig David- Fill me in. Obvs.

Name 3 things you like about yourself

I like my eyes- their almost black and I can’t hide my emotions behind them (if that makes sense).

I don’t think I’m a bad person. I may have been in the past but you definitely learn to be yourself as you grow older. And as I stand right now, I’m not horrible.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. A hindrance and one of my favourite things about myself. When I go through something it’s so obvious. I just can’t hide it. With that everyone knows where they stand with me. They know why I don’t answer their texts, they know why I give them that extra cuddle; I am transparent.

What is an achievement that has made you proud of yourself this year?

GETTING THROUGH THIS DAMN YEAR. Honestly this year has been the most draining year I have ever had in my life- if I make it to the end with my sanity in tack then I’ll be lucky.

Tell us your happiest memory

A few weeks before my grandad passed away we went to a family wedding. He was so contented- or at least he looked it. There’s been so many memories that make me happy but that’s the one I revert back too.

I’m pretty sure that everyone I would tag has already completed the self-love Tag, so if you reading this post hasn’t then, I nominate you too. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves how happy our lives can be.

Confidence boosting tips- from someone with no confidence.

We all have days where we don’t feel ‘our best self’- in fact many of us don’t even know what that is. With summer nearly over and many of us feeling as grim as the weather. I thought, I’d share a few tips on how to give yourself a quick confidence boost- and yes, it is mainly a reminder to myself.

Good Breakfast and a coffee.

Seriously, how could you live without this tip, right? Well hear me out.

A ‘good’ breakfast isn’t the full fat English breakfast we all know and love. Its focusing on giving you the best start to your day. A bowl of porridge with wads of fruit or some spiced Avo on toast are perfect kick starts to a day.

Whether we want to admit it or not, fruit and veg are key to making our bodies feel better. When our bodies feel, we generally feel better. Team with a ‘not so healthy- but lovely’ frothy coffee and your set for whatever the world throws at you- until the caffeine wears off.


Seriously, theirs something to be said about wearing Ann Summers best under you day to day clothes. It’s kind of like keeping a naughty secret from the world. For a quick boost in confidence, get your swanky knickers on and tackle the day.

Motivational Quotes

WHO DOESN’T LOVE A MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE.  I swear every man woman and child have a folder saved to their phone ready to whip out a quote aimed at the people who piss them off that day, right?

All jokes aside motivational quotes really do motivate us, shock! Making anyone who reads them smile and reflect on a little segment of their lives. Smiling is good for the soul. A good motivational quote will, help push you when you need to force yourself into action. So I suggest if you don’t have a folder of motivational quotes. Get one.

In the spirit of motivational quotes, I thought I would share mine.

‘ Happiness, can be found in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’. Albus Dumbledore.

At times we all don’t feel like putting our socks on, never mind getting on with our lives. Introducing a little bit of confidence through a pair of knickers or a quote or two can only be a good thing. So go on, give yourself a bit of a boost.



Panic Attacks: The truth.

picture- my own.

I am going to be 120% honest, I have no idea where I am going with this post. Many of you out there will know I suffer with panic attacks. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself living without them. But I HAVE , found a few ways to combat, end or put off them. Ultimately, the end result always seems the same- me sat on/in a toilet, crying wanting the a hole to come and swallow me up.

When all the dust has settled and the panic attack subsided, there is always a feeling of loss. Not loss in the sense of grief or misplacing a well-loved possession. Loss in the form of losing yourself. Weeks can pass and you simply don’t feel like you. Putting you knickers on in a morning, seems more daunting than a sky dive without a parachute.  This disconnected feeling really doesn’t leave. You don’t get a night off or a 5 minute commercial break, it lingers until you except that it won’t ever leave you.

But, it does.

Each panic attack varies, yes- it’s true. The length of time you feel like a glorified zombie is only personal to you; to that attack.

One morning, you will wake up and manage to put your wangers on the right way around, get dressed and boss that day like no other can. It just takes a little time. Remember, baby steps are still steps.

I can’t tell you how to deal with a panic attack. Hell, I can barely handle my own! But I can tell you what works for me and hope it helps you realize, just because it’s your struggle, you are most certainly not on your own.

Get out of the situation- if possible.

There has been no amount of times at work when I have had to escape to a toilet and ignore the world for 15 minutes to calm the f down. To be able just to combat that awful feeling of all you emotions attacking you like the Dothraki- just get out

Call someone.

We all have that one friend who we can call and physically not have to say a word to other than ‘Hi’. The one friend that can unintentionally natter on for an hour before even realizing you’re on the other line waiting to speak too. Call that friend, focus on their voice and their voice alone. Ignore everything else going on and just listen.

Sit down

Seriously, SIT DOWN. Stop pacing, walking, drifting- whatever you want to call it just bloody stop and give your feet a rest.

Have a cup of tea- no alcohol.

All jokes aside, in the prospects of getting out of the situation and just stopping what better excuse is there to make a brew? And tea is scientifically proven to calm you! Bonus.

I know, I’ve never met a decent alcoholic cup of tea either!


In the aftermath, let yourself feel whatever the hell you want to.

It’s built into use to shame ourselves for our feelings, but stopping the emotions brimming under the surface is arguable a reason for your anxiety to build up. Let your emotions out, if you angry be angry. If you want to cry, cry. It’s okay to feel whatever the hell you want too!

Remember, that having a panic attack is utterly BOLLOCKS shit.

I’m sorry I tried to put it a more PG rated way but it is simply that. Shit. From those moments when you mentally can’t stop your brain from working, to the physical ache that comes along for the ride- it’s all just shit.

Panic attacks come and go. A battle truly unique to us all, with the same common enemy. It’s not your fault. You are not wired wrong *repeat the two previous sentences*. Just remember you will beat a panic attack, the aftermath and the no doubt eventuality of it happening again. You will beat it and become stronger, even if you don’t feel it.


Do mistakes* make you a bad person?

FullSizeRender (40).jpgIf you haven’t guessed already, I am shit at life. I like to think that I handle all my fails with a certain level of grace. And that level of grace is about the same as a fly frantically hitting the window trying to get out of the kitchen.

What I am not afraid to say is that because of the fault’s I had in the past, heck, the faults I have now. In spite of all the crap, I’ve done and put my parents through, I am now a good person. Whether, some people want to believe it or not.

I could drone on, quoting sayings some Disney character or ramble on about how mistakes allow us to grow as a person. But, do they really? One ‘fail’ doesn’t mean we learn, what is right or wrong. Falling off the track time and time again and getting back up, shows a good person. Reflecting on those times and treating others with the respect they deserve is a utterly epic *insert amazing emoji, here* person.

With so many people judging our abilities, morals and achievements through social media- don’t lie we all stalk and judge. Has our generation, completely missed the memo that is all fake? A good person simply doesn’t come from a great following, but their actions. And what they do inspire of the ‘iffy’ moments we all have! Yes, I am looking at you teenage years.

Isn’t it time we stop throwing mistakes of the past at people who are constantly supporting and showing kindness in the present? If their past mistakes are harming you in any way shape or form, block them. Ignore them, completely take them out of the equation- you’ll feel better for it.

I have been judged by mistakes in the past, hell, I’VE judged me for my mistakes in the past. The mistakes you make at your lowest do not and should not ever define who you are! What you are! Or what will become of your future. It’s time to grab life by the metaphorical balls, and do something you think you can’t.

You’ll thank yourself later.




A list of happiness

Now, I am not good at anything in particular, but I do excel in list making. Not necessarily completing them but the list will most definitely be on point.

Anyway, I am totally going of topic. It seems like everyone and their mother are having a little bit of a tough time at the moment. So I thought, it was about time someone shared a smile or two.

The first waft of coffee in the morning.

Whether you’re a caffeine fiend or just love the amazing aroma, the smell of coffee can make anyone smile. Ah, Dreamy.

A ‘good’ Netflix series.

You know the type, nothing to heavy- just a casual watch you can throw on and ignore while you scroll through twitter.

A Christmas count down!

We all need this in our lives. No if buts or maybes. ‘Cause seriously who doesn’t love Christmas!

P.S Sleeps lite, has bells. Winning.

Wine, moaning and laughing with the girls.

Is there any better therapy ? It’s actually cheaper than most councilors too!

Thoughts of old MSN conversations.

Cause its KL *toes curl at how awful my spelling used to be*.


Seriously, do I need to explain?

A log fire.

Seriously, what about wrapped up in a little chalet with a burning log fire doesn’t make you happy? Yes, I am aware its slightly unrealistic, but a girl can’t quit her day dream.

All, the blankets.

Mermaid blankets, fluffy blankets, any old blanket- comfort is needed, always.

Finding a bargain top in Primark

And subsequently shouting ‘It’s FROM PRIMARK’ when anyone asks about this epic find.

Lush- literally all, the Lush Bath Bombs in the land.

I have no idea what magic they put in these amazing balls of pleasure. But there is something to be said about lounging in a bath with your favorite bath bomb. Even the thought of it just makes me go ‘Ahh’.

Harry Potter

Proud Hufflepuff, right here. Harry potter is home to so many around the world, both muggle and wizard folk, alike. Falling in love with the story over and over again, instantly gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and a big cheesy grin.

Yes, this list is a little bit crap, but can you honestly say thinking about Ron Wesley’s first kiss, wrapped up underneath a blanket, sat next to a roaring log fire, wouldn’t make you smile?

Mischief managed!