Twenty Twenty

I've been toying with the idea of blogging again for a while, but every post i've written just seemed a little off- i couldn't relate to my own writing. 2019 is almost at an end and i think it's time to get everything out there. The past few months have left me the most confident…


Why I needed a Time Out From My Blog.

Stepping away from blogging was by no means intentional but its safe to say i needed the break. Blogging isn’t my full time job, as much as i dream it to be, i just don’t have the platforms needed for that ever to happen. Both, working 40+ hours a week and blogging collectively makes me feel anxious and that can be detrimental to both my blog and my 9-5 job.

Few Faves

If i am totally honest with you, I’ve tried to start this post at least 5 times, but i always seem to struggle writing something that wasn’t one sided. Writing favourites posts in hindsight should be much easier than what they are. You are literally writing about all the things your loving that month- but…