25, blogger. Swears a little too much and definitely drinks too much gin. Just a girl wanting to make the world smile.


Now, I wouldn’t get to excited for this post, it will only be uploaded when I actually have things to talk about. But right now there are a few things that are totally rocking my world and destroying my bank balance. So I thought I’d let you in on them.   White Mocha The delicious-ness […]


Self Love Tag

So, the little babe that is Chole, tagged me in the self-love tag. And I thought it was about time I stopped putting myself down and remember that even though some days I walk around with my leggings on backwards, I’m alright. Without blowing my own trumpet, let’s get on with the Self Love Tag. […]


Do mistakes* make you a bad person?

If you haven’t guessed already, I am shit at life. I like to think that I handle all my fails with a certain level of grace. And that level of grace is about the same as a fly frantically hitting the window trying to get out of the kitchen. What I am not afraid to […]


A list of happiness

Now, I am not good at anything in particular, but I do excel in list making. Not necessarily completing them but the list will most definitely be on point. Anyway, I am totally going of topic. It seems like everyone and their mother are having a little bit of a tough time at the moment. […]


What to expect from this little blog!

Sometimes, just sometimes I am so flawed by the blogging community. The support I have seen and received ALWAYS out ways the trolls- let’s face it, trolls are only key board warriors anyway. I absolutely adore our community, it has its flaws but, seriously, who doesn’t? As I sit writing this post, with mocha and […]