About Em.

Hello there! Well to my little corner of the internet. Em Rambles was born June 2018, but y love of blogging goes much further back. Whilst in a poor relationship I found the love of my life, blogging. Through out my time blogging, I’ve had so many ups and downs and I’m sure that that will continue. No matter what I have been through I will always be 100% truthful, no matter the content. As a millennial girl, this blog is for mellenials waning a relatable blog. Bad date, I’ve got you? Tips for dodging dodgy Derek at the Christmas party, I’m your girl. Dealing with life’s little messes, well babe, this blog will make you feel better.If this sounds like your boo, I hope to see you enjoy. And if you did want to come say hello, my email is emrambles@gmail.com. Or scroll across to my contacts page.