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Uncategorized December 7, 2017

IMG_3799Hey you gorgeous bunch.

I wanted to right a quiet little post about my day. Today I woke up feeling so drained. I instant got up made one of my favourite breakfast and created a to do list (spoiler: I failed everything). You see I haven’t been organised in the slightest this blogmas and writing a post every day is so bloody draining.

Today, all I have wanted to do was to snuggle up in bed, drink Diet Coke and watch Hello October blogs repeatedly. So that’s what I did.

The point of this little mind fart isn’t to show off my extra lazy day when many have been at work. It’s to show that it is perfectly acceptable to just have a day. Life is so hectic at time it is important to stop. Emails, blogs and sometimes even going out doors can wait. Your mental health is far, far more important.

All the love.




25, blogger. Swears a little too much and definitely drinks too much gin. Just a girl wanting to make the world smile.

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  1. Debra-Bow says on December 8, 2017

    Aw Em! Sometimes we just need to chill out and do nothing even when the to-do list is calling. I love watching Hello October too 🙂 xxxx


    • Em says on December 14, 2017

      I have to say that this is exactly what I needed. And yes! Suzie is such a babe! xxx


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