3 Skin Care Items I Can’t Get Enough off.

Hey Huns,

I’ve recently had the worst skin. Break outs, excess oil and please do not let me start ranting about my awfully dry forehead. I recently decided to invest in some skin care which will hopefully help clear the worst skin I’ve ever had.

A shake up.

I love Simple as a brand I really wanted to step away from my teenage self and focus on developing my skincare a little more. So, I decided to ditch the brand I love and try a few new things. One of which will most definitely surprise you.

I’m so sorry about my pants images. Promise I’ll get better.

Liz Earle, Cleanse and Polish. £16.00

(Yes, I am fully aware that I am late to the party with this one.)

As my first Liz Earle product I wanted to try a classic- it’s safe to say I am not disappointed. Cleanse and polish melts make up away in a few minutes and leaves skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.  The cleansers thick texture and strong Aloe Vera smell is lovely and relaxing especially when your ‘wiping away the day’.

The only issue I have with the product is the muslin cloth. I feel it is made poorly compared to those of The Body shop. The edges of the cloth seem to fray quite easily, I imagine with further use the cloth will rip or become highly damaged.

L’Oréal Hydra Genius. *£6.65

Having combination skin can be a real bother when it comes to moisturizer. Having an oily nose and a dry T Zone means my skin both lacks and has too much moisture.

And it’s amazing.

With Aloe Vera being a key ingredients of L’Oreal Hydra Genius,  become  highly moisturised and soft to the touch. The product feels and looks like something a little on the rude side of things. Although, the nourishing formula will make you very happy that you rubbed in in your face and not immediately washed it off your hands.

All innuendos aside, this product is great for replenishing skin that needs a little extra  lift.

*currently on sale at boots usually retails for around £10.

Living for this combo right now.
Primark Hydration Spray, £4.00


This £4.00, bad boy will change your skin! There I said it.

I have to admit,when I pick up this product I thought it was going to be awful, but I needed a product which would introduce moisture to my skin. Having never used a facial spray before I didn’t want to spend too much money- just in case I hated the application process.

The mist is quite fine and gentle. And smell like Aloe Vera (yes, there’s a common theme). The formula feels so gentle on my skin and is a great base for makeup. I really don’t think I could have asked for more for £4.00!

And there are my 3 current go to products. My skin is improving daily and I am so excited to see how my skin continues to develop using these products.

What are your go to products? Let me know in the comments.