Blogtober Day 9: The Bad Date Diaries

The Bad Date DiariesHello my loves,

So we all know my love life is about as interesting as custard. In the past few years, I have been on many a date- the good, the bad and the down right, what the fuck are you thinking. Over the next few days I will be disclosing some that really stick out in my head. No names will be mentioned, but the cringe is very real. And my embarrassment is immense so, please be kind in the comments.

So lets start with the ugly shall we.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful little restaurant with the guy you’ve been dating for a while- and you like him, a lot. The night has gone on with out any arguments, no one getting drunk – sounds perfect right. Well not quite.

In this romantic little setting, where you’ve been giggling and flirting your way through the night. You catch the guy who gives you something that can only be described as butterflies, eyeing up the waitress when he thinks your not looking. Not once, not twice, but for the entire fucking night.

So teen self (as this was some time ago) got drunk. Very drunk indeed.

Now obviously, this entirely healthy and completely not insane thought process would be great. If you then didn’t have to go from said shitty date to take your then boyf to meet your friends (who hate him already).

Stumbling in our local spoons, pissed with arguably the most hated bloke in the pub, whilst trying to search for your girls tucked away in the smoking shelter was- lets just was about as good as rolling in shit.

If I’m honest I don’t really remember the rest of the night, its all a blur of degrading comments, pervy boyfriend and a lot of regret.But don’t you live and learn? Please tell me we do!


*Disclaimer- These dates are not the worst in the world, but at the time I was mortified. This is in no way to shame myself or others involved, just to make others feel less alone when it comes to bad dates*