Blogtober Day 8: Why I haven’t gone Self Hosted. Yet.


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If you’ve been a round for a while you will know that I was hell bent on going self hosted. And I have to admit, something for a blogger, I am shit at anything technical.

Whilst I am slowly getting better, I am yet to master some of the key elements which I feel like I need for my blog to progress. Google analytics, is something I just can’t master. I do understand it slightly more, after a few hours playing about with it.

WordPress. Is currently my babe! Yet, similar to Google Analytics, I was not in the slightest way confident in how to use it. Although, I am getting more and more comfortable with wordpress and I my doubts are slowly dwindling away.

As much as I am pretty pants at everything technical, what mainly stopped me is that I didn’t think I was a good enough blogger. Something that I now laugh at. The bloggers I have met on wordpress, have shown me that even if you think your a bit shit, others don’t. Sometimes you need someone else to believe in yourself, so you can too.

I’m not admitting defeat, one day I will be self hosted but as of right now, I am so happy on wordpress. I am learning so much to benefit both myself and my blog and I seriously can’t wait for you to see what’s coming.