Blogtober Day 4: Why I am Proud to be Hormonal!

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I don’t know if you have noticed too, but being ‘hormonal’ has become a sign of weakness. Yet another character trait others can roll their eyes and tut about- because we didn’t have enough of those already. Hormones are a natural part of our lives. Both men and women have monthly hormonal periods which create emotions(men every 33 days and women ever 28), that leave you feeling on top of the world, or like wet food in a the sink.

In a world which is slowly becoming slightly plastic, why has the most natural process become just a bit shit? Why have we become to not only hate our own hormones, but other peoples too? And aren’t we all a little too hormonal for harsh criticism of said hormones.

‘It must be her hormones’- accompanied by an eye roll, this statement has been said to and about every single woman in time. And frankly I am just fed up of it. We have all be guilty of belittling hormones when if you think about it hormones are life. Or at least a necessary part of life.

Yes, crying at every TV advert which has a puppy bouncing about in, is annoying- especially when you’re in public. And losing your temper whilst queuing in Tesco can make you seem like you’ve just been let out of the looney bin. Hormones, make us just that little bit psychotic- let’s be honest. We can’t control them, so why is it we can hate on others because of them?

Good, bad or in different, hormones are going to stick with us to our very last breathe, no matter what sex you are. So isn’t it about time we accepted them and not ridicule them. And when I say accept I mean eat yourself into a food coma.

Let me know what you think? Is it time we gave our hormones a break? Or am I just a bit too hormonal ?