13 Things We Think When Breaking in New Boots.



Hey babes.

So, I haven’t written a list for a while and I think I was getting with drawls and I thought I better rectify it before I get the shakes.

Today were talking about the beauty that is Boots. Cause’ new season, new boots! Hell, yeah! So before I chew your ear off, let’s get on.

1, Oh look at me, in my swanky new boots!

  1. And don’t forget the cute little socks underneath!
  2. My feet are so warm and cosy.
  3. Maybe a little bit too warm but I can cope.
  4. Errr, No, don’t you dare start rubbing.
  5. Damn it! My feet!
  6. Compeed where are you!


  1. Oh sweet, custard. Not another!
  2. 4 blisters, I’ve walked 10 feet!
  3. Sore feet, is the worst pain ever.
  4. Sod it! Where’s my slippers.
  5. They’ll break in….Right?


Autumn for many is such a joyous time of year, little things such as wearing in some new boots is really annoying. Yet, we just have to remember, once they are worn in our feet will look the bomb!

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