Goals for Autumn


Hello, my loves!

Hasn’t 2017 been a funny old year? It’s safe to say with every challenge, a lesson has been learned. My circle of friends have changed and in turn I am possibly the most confident I have been since the my student days.

This Autumn I am determined to challenge myself- growing as a person is something I truly want to continue to do. Challenges will come and go, be achieved or failed- either way I am SO excited for the next few months. Sharing these goals with you all, is slightly scary for me. I never want to let any one down- including myself.

Now, before I chew your ear off with nervous babbles, here are a few of my goals for Autumn.

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Since going away on holiday, I have craved to read a good book. Turning crisp new pages, following new adventures and falling into another world. I am so excited to start reading Stephen King books- even though I doubt I’ll be excited for long.

Make more time for others.

I often find myself struggling, working full time and creating content for this little space of mine, is difficult. I seem to always be sat at a computer.  Don’t get me wrong I am so proud of my blog and I love the amazing girls I have met along the way, but sometimes I need a night off .

Limiting the amount of time I spend online I crucial for me to be able to relax. I love nothing more than spending time with the girls or with my family. Sometimes the real life relationships I hold dearest often get pushed to the side and I hate it. I would love to change it!

Me time, please?

As previously stated  struggle to keep up with life; I often get tunnel vision. In the past I have worn myself down to the point I cried daily. Since I have come home from my holiday I have really made an effort to get to bed earlier, eat slightly better(not really but I’m trying) and generally just be good to myself.

Me time, is needed- I live in a pretty stressful household. Sitting with a face mask, a cup of Peppermint tea and snuggling up in a blanket is seriously needed and I can’t wait to continue to do so.  Cutting off the world for an hour or two once a week, is starting to be come a ritual I can’t live without. I can only hope its a ritual I don’t get bored off.


Are you ready for me to chew your ear off for one whole MONTH! Yes, that’s right. I am doing Blogtober. And I couldn’t be more excited- she says with only two posts written… shite.

Autumn is possibly my favourite time of year. Continuing to grow and challenge myself in a season I love so much, continues to drive my passion and create more content that I love.

What about you? Do you love Autumn? What are your goals for the season ahead? Let me know in the comments!