Packing Struggles.

Uncategorized September 5, 2017
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I’m trying my best with this photography lark.

It may be the end of holiday season but there are a few stragglers who’s are going away this month . *Cough* Me*cough*. So I thought I’d write a little list about all those niggling little thought we have in the packing process. Cause, let’s be honest guys and girls, it’s a nightmare.


  1. HELLO, Snazzy New Suitcase!
  2. Primark Flip Flops, 90p. Don’t mind if I do!
  3. Don’t forget sunscreen. Oh sunglasses. I need to make a list.
  4. How may pairs of Knickers should I take.
  5. Come hear you fit maxi dress.
  7. What have I forgotten
  8. Do I have enough cash?
  9. Shit. Fuck. Where’s my passport?
  10. Do I really need to go on holiday this much. It’s Stressful.
  11. What the heck do I need to take in my hand luggage
  12. Shoes. I need shoes.
  13. I haven’t packed half my stuff and I’m already over the weight limit. HOW!?!
  15. Right, that must be everything.
  16. Shut damn you*sits on top of case and prays that you’re not breaking anything*
  17. *Find vital item, desperately needed for holiday- usually straighteners or make up*.
  18. It’s taking too long to pack.
  19. That’s it, if it’s not in my case ill buy it there.
  20. Puts suitcase next to the door and hope you packed your knickers.

See guys, you are not alone!


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  1. Lauren says on September 12, 2017

    Ha I love this post! All so true. I had a full on panic looking for my passport before I went on holiday- I tore my room apart before remembering where I had put it for ‘safe keeping’. Typical.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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