A Little More About Me!

Awkward selfie I know!

After a little read through my posts I’ve noticed they’ve been a little on the heavy side! So, I thought I would mix things up a little with this post! Now this may not be my first blog- hell, it’s not even my second, but I thought I would introduce myself into this little space.


So, Hi I’m Em.

I’m a coffee obsessed 24 year old, very soon to be 25, and I will find ways to complicate EVERYTHING. I am the girl who set’s their hair on fire blowing out a candle, YES THAT HAPPENED. Thanks dad for saving 1.5 of my eye brows.

I am very much single, unless my strong love affair with Pinot Grigio Blush counts as a solid relationship? No, well I can’t say I’m not utterly disappointed.

Anyway, I digress.

I graduated in 2014, from the University of Northampton, expecting the world to fall at my feet. Spoiler* it didn’t. But none the less, I have continued to surprise myself and others around me. From finally passing my driving test, to singing actually finding jeans that fit- my life is full of surprises, or flukes. Whatever you want to call them! They happen.

My mum and I (check me out getting it the right way around), have a running joke I am very similar to Bridget Jones, just she has more friends and a better job. Great. Yet, I have to agree like good old Bridge, if something can, it will go wrong. The only logical thing is to drink vodka in your pajamas and blast out some classics? Right?

Any hoo, if you were scrolling through the internet wanting a beauty blogger with the picture perfect life I am sorry this blog may not be for you. But if your wanting to have a laugh, a cry and maybe a little bit of motivation then this lil blog of mine may just be for you!

Hope to see you soon! If not have a nice day xxx

P.S I apologise for my poor images. I can only get better!