Bumped heads and Bandaged Knee’s.

So my little Cherubs, I am back.

Not that I’ve gone anywhere, I’ve just uploaded a new blog post.

I’ve recently reached out to you guys and girls about my MH and rubbish bits that been thrown at me along this bumpy road that is life. So I thought, I’d do a little motivational post to tell remind us all that they’re may be a few bumped heads and bandaged knees, but we are all pretty epic.

First things, first.

You’re awake.

You’re dressed.

You’ve thrown make up at your face and don’t look like a reject from the circus. BONUS!

If any of the above three have been completely, you’ve got to day in

Nothing quite like a wine with mum- we all need it sometimes.

the bag!


Past accomplishments

In the self-love tag I was reminded of all the things I thought were never possible but I did. Passing your driving test, finding the love of your life or going on a trip you never thought possible. YOU DID THAT! And that’s amazing.

You’re Loved.

We all have people and/or pets in our lives that love us unconditionally, no matter our flaws. If you’re a little stressed, it might be time to grab a cup of tea and call a loved one. Or I find taking to the dog equally as therapeutic and without any unnecessary sarcasm.

Honestly, you will be surprised how many people will be there when you need them to be.

You have survived every bad day in your existence!

*Read the above sentence 3 times and repeat*

Everyone has bad days, some worse than others. Yet, you still picked yourself up and got on with it. So this little mountain will perish, don’t you worry.


So There you have it! Our motivational quote to get us through the tough times, like Tuesday and Next sales. WE CAN DO THIS!